Gay Couple At Centre Of Childcare Centre Paedophile Ring

Gay Couple At Centre Of Childcare Centre Paedophile Ring
Image: Photo from AFP

Operation Arkstone, led the Australian Federal Police, alongside NSW Police and other agencies which led to the arrest of an alleged child sex offender has blown the lid on an international paedophile network used to share photos and videos of child abuse.

Following the first arrest made in February of 30 year old Central Coast man Justin Radford, on charges including sexual touching of a victim under 10 and producing and disseminating child abuse material, a further 13 arrests have since been made.

In what can only be described as heinous and sickening act, the investigation also uncovered evidence that 16 children from a childcare centre on the NSW Mid-North Coast had been sexually abused by 27 year old former childcare worker Timothy Doyle, who is facing 303 charges and stands accused of abusing some 14 other children.

Allegations levelled at the 27 year old also include sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and the production of child abuse material. Doyle along with his boyfriend Steven Garrad were arrested in June in the Mid-North Coast town of Kendall.

These details were confirmed in a statement released by the AFP saying, “Police will allege the man used his position as a childcare worker, and other deceptive means in his personal life, to gain access to 30 children.

“The man’s partner, a 22 year old man, also allegedly abused children his partner accessed through deceptive means in his personal life.”

 The AFP have claimed that the operation was one of Australia’s most significant efforts targeting child exploitation, with 146 tip-offs to authorities in Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. These have led to arrests being made in the US states of Pennsylvania, Colorado and Connecticut, and have involved US Homeland Security.

The accused face a total of 828 charges, with half of the men having allegedly abused children directly.

Eight of the accused and 39 of the victims were from NSW.

Of the men arrested there was a volunteer soccer coach, a disability support worker, an electrician and a chef.

It is alleged that 46 children have been abused in connection with the network, with ages ranging from 16 months and 15 years.

AFP Acting Commander Child Protection Operations Christopher Woods added that, “These men allegedly produced child abuse material for the depraved pleasure of their peers with absolutely no thought to the lasting effects their actions would have on these children.

“Police will allege Operation Arkstone revealed a network of abuse, where the alleged offenders in the forums encouraged and emboldened each other to engage in acts of depravity and abuse of children.

“Together, we will continue to investigate serious child abuse offences in an effort to bring offenders to justice and ensure the safety of the public.”

Also uncovered by the operation were beastiality charges related to four animals, also committed in NSW. To which Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough added, “We’ve not ruled out further arrests in Australia or offshore, or sadly, the identification of further victims in Australia and offshore.

“No child should be subjected to abuse and violence from the people they trust — whether that’s a family member, a childcare worker or a soccer coach,” she said. Sadly and heartbreakingly this has been the case for the victims of Operation Arkstone.”

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One response to “Gay Couple At Centre Of Childcare Centre Paedophile Ring”

  1. And won’t those who, despite claiming tyo be Good Christians – they actually know nothing about the alleged teachings of Jesus – who hate the LGBTIQ Community latch on to this appalling revelation and use it to spread even more hatred across the country and the rest of the world?
    There is but one priison sentence which should be applied to all paedophiles: Life in Prison with No possibility of Parole. Wen I say Life I mean exactly that – that they remain in prison until they die – which cannot happen quickly enough and yet at the same rime that they spend decades in CONSTANT fear that they will be pinshed by the other prisoners. No special protective areas for them to hide in just existence within the General prison population.
    Do I hate them? Yes, I do and I make no secret of that hatred and have 5 years of their treatment to justify my hatred – a 5-year period which I will never, ever forget.