Gay drinkers targeted (4/9/2003)

Gay drinkers targeted (4/9/2003)

Gay and lesbian drinkers should be treated differently when it comes to alcohol abuse prevention strategies, delegates at the NSW Alcohol Summit have determined.

A list of recommendations coming out of the Alcohol Summit includes a call to tailor prevention strategies to the specific needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Those communities should work together to develop appropriate services for their own members’ alcohol misuse.

And gay, lesbian and bisexual people affected by alcohol use and domestic violence need an integrated system between general welfare agencies and GLBT-specific services.

ACON CEO Stevie Clayton, who attended the Summit as an official delegate, welcomed the recommendations.

While the level of research is lacking on alcohol use and the GLBT community, what is available shows us this is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed, she said.

The GLBT community is affected by a range of behaviours that are alcohol-related, including hate-related violence, drink spiking and domestic violence in same-sex relationships.

Clayton said ACON had begun working with other organisations after the release of ACON Drug and Alcohol strategy in 2002.

In other Summit news, nightclub door staff will be the subject of a NSW Police examination.

Police commissioner Ken Moroney told the Summit private security staff should have sufficient training to be able to deal appropriately with drunk hotel patrons.

We need to be confident that the education and training of security guards is sufficient to allow them to deal effectively with seriously intoxicated patrons in a way that encourages an appropriate law enforcement response, Moroney said.

If the examination showed door staff were insufficiently trained, Moroney said he would move to enforce uniform standards.

Rainbow Recovery hosts gay- and lesbian-specific Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Surry Hills. Visit their website at for meeting times.

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