IGLHRC joins UN Council

IGLHRC joins UN Council

The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has been granted United Nations accreditation.

The IGLHRC had been blocked in its bid last month when the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations, which is dominated by African and Islamic nations, voted against it.

However the United States, through its permanent representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice, pushed for a vote by the Economic and Social Council which trumped the Non-Governmental Organisations’ committee vote.

Twenty three nations, including Australia, voted for IGLHRC’s inclusion, while only 13 voted against it. Thirteen abstained, while five were absent.

US President Barack Obama issued a statement in praise of the decision.

“I welcome this important step forward for human rights, as the  International Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Commission (ILGHRC) will take its rightful seat at the table of the United Nations,” wrote the President,

IGLHRC wxecutive director Cary Alan Johnson said, “Today’s decision is an affirmation that the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have a place at the United Nations as part of a vital civil society community.”

The IGLHRC is only the 10th GLBTI organisation to win UN accreditation.

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