Malawian couple await sentencing

Malawian couple await sentencing

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has condemned the conviction of two Malawian who were charged of committing acts “against the order of nature”.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, two gay-activists who in Decemember last year staged a very public and very illegal engagement ceremony, were yesterday found guilty of having committed acts of buggery and going against the natural order.

Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwa Usiwa, who presided over the case, said the mens’ decision to be in a relationship had “transgressed Malawian standards of propriety” and found the pair guilty.

They are expected to go before the court for sentencing in coming days, but face up to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission denounced the ruling as persecutory and worried for the implications it could have in other parts of Africa.

“This ruling jeopardises the human rights of all Malawians, and in a context of escalating persecution of LGBT Malawians damages life-saving efforts to address HIV/AIDS,” IGLHRC Human Rights Officer Chivuli Ukwimi said.

“The ruling is a part of a broader pattern of mounting pressure and persecution on LGBT people by authorities in Malawi, which has come from the highest levels of government,” he said, referring to comments from the country’s President Bingu wa Mutharika who recently labelled homosexuality as evil and un-Malawian.

Outrage UK has begun to collect donations for the Centre for the Development of People – one of the only Malawi-based human rights organisations which has begun to agitate for the acceptance of GLBT people.

For more information on CEDEP and to make a donation visit

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10 responses to “Malawian couple await sentencing”

  1. Ken, what can i say? I have a perpetual amount of love & forgiveness for you. I have the appropriate shakles for you in my personal confessional and the usual toys of redemption that will help you join the rest of normal, loving society. Love from Hell.

  2. Peter I think he might be at KKK’s Glory Holes sucking a Victorian Footballer off. Campbell spent two hours waiting but decided to leave.

  3. Where is the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney in all this? He has made numerous trips to various African countries stirring up hatred and discrimination against gay people. His counterpart in Nigeria has said that gays should not live. Has Jensen made any public comment condemning this and other atrocities against gay africans? No! The Australian media should hold him to account for his contribution to this terrible situation.

  4. Ken – “At least one country has the courage to outlaw this perversion. Congratulations to them”

    So Ken when are you heading to the middle east to watch gays being hanged in public? If you get their early you should get a front seat for your personal enjoyment.

  5. 14 years for committing acts against the order of nature and transgressing Malawian standards of propriety.

    It was reported in todays media that a man who, while in NSW, had committed multiple acts of incest with one of his children avoided a custodial sentence by agreeing to enter a rehabilitation program.

    The crime of incest does not appear to draw as much criticism from the religious organisations and their members as does the existance of homosexuals and the struggle by homosexuals and gays to achieve human rights and equals rights with heterosexauls in society.

    I wonder if incest is against the order of nature in Malawi and if incest transgresses Malawian standards of propriety.

    I also have difficulty understanding why religious organisations and their members regard homosexuality as a perversion and as such a transgression that should attract a custodial sentence in all communities but those same religious organisations do not advocate that immorality committed by heterosexuals, in the form of adultery, warrants the application of a custodial sentence.

    The conclusion I have made about religious organisations is that they unite their members by appealing to the base aspects of human nature.

    That is the religious organisations unite their members by encouraging them to hate and persecute minorities who live amongst them in society.

    The Malawian authorities demonstrate that policy of unification in their municipal laws.

    The Australian authorities demonstrate that policy by denying homosexuals and gays fundamental human and legal rights at law.

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  7. Yes,Indeed Africa once again shows its ignorance and stupidity.One would have thought by now that they would want to have got rid of their colonial past.Apparently not.
    When the inevitable Africa poverty wagon comes round next time I won’t be throwing any coins their way.What a disgrace you are Malawi.

  8. At least one country has the courage to outlaw this perversion. Congratulations to them.

  9. No doubt our Happy Clapper Prime Minister Kevin07 and his mates at the Christian Lobby will sit on their backside and quote the Bible.

    Judas had better values then the Australian Government on such issues.