There is a nice balance with this alignment between the elements earth, air, fire and water. However, with Pluto involved always expect more than normal dredging of the subconscious, especially with some insights through our dreams which the moon will help support.

Gemini in Mars and the moon will encourage us to express this in some form. And having Pluto in Capricorn will help give structure to these insights.

Gemini doesn’t really like structure so there may be some resistance in the psyche to allow the free flow. The best way around this is to keep a dream journey and allow the writing to come naturally. That way all parties are kept happy.

With Mars sitting next to the moon there will be a strong urge to check in with our feminine side before taking action to balance the spirit and body – the Animus and Anima.

You could find yourself a little mentally confused if you aren’t in touch with your inner world. It’s all good though. Maybe it’s time to reconnect with yourself anyway.


This week’s aspect centres on how you think and feel about your career and position within society. These two are closely linked and you may feel unsatisfied due to an unfulfilled urge. To improve things and make an impact it helps to feel a kinship to your cause/career. Re-establish that passion or work towards something that will.


The relationship between your self-esteem, values, beliefs and your current voyage of discovery are highlighted now. You are learning the necessary tools for discovering the meaning of happiness and what is important to you. Remember this period of time as these tools will come in handy in the future.


This period implies heavy emphasis on your individuality and transformation. Your home and past are also involved. It may feel like everything has been thrown up in the air and shaken around, which is normal for any kind of major change. You don’t have to act fast, just act accordingly and roll with the punches.


Change is taking place around your love life and your idea of relationships. Outdated beliefs need to evolve in order for you to progress and move on. The process you are currently going through is necessary for what lies ahead in your future. Don’t let your past circumstances impede a potentially great future.


There will be upheaval where your daily routines, including work, are concerned. This is also tied to your friends and networks. Whenever change takes place there will be some turmoil that comes with it. Look to your groups as a resource to help you. Mars moving forward now in your wish zone, can also help if you ask.


Work versus fun, self-expression versus conformity. These are the themes for this period. This has been evident for you for a while where work and play are concerned. Achieving balance can be tricky, but your health and wellbeing insist on working towards this. Take this advantage to map out your balancing act.


There may be a clash or challenge related to your home and past zone, and your philosophy zone. You may be searching for the meaning of something that occurred in your past, or you are transforming your domestic situation to meet your present day needs. You do hold power, so don’t be afraid to use it.


There may be a business opportunity come up for you, or you will shift your thought patterns to correlate with surprise developments. If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, be brave and take calculated risks. Listen to what your intuition is telling you as it won’t lead you astray.


You will question what you value in love and relationships. You may be going through a process of finding out what you really need and who you can get it from. There can be a tendency to become selfish so try to achieve a win-win situation. Two way exchanges are the best relationships to have.


When exploring your individuality, everything is under investigation and there may be parts of yourself that you love and parts that you don’t want to know about. Your emotions will impact your health so try to take it easy. You may also be questioning your position as seen by others. Continue to address your wellbeing first.


The astrological climate shows you are assessing your potential as a person, how you want to express yourself and how your subconscious corresponds to this. Delve deep into your psyche for the answers and discover your potential. There is a lot going on under the surface that needs attention.


You hold more power than you realise when it comes to your networks and friends. You may feel some insecurity around this and will need to redefine yourself to alleviate any fears. Don’t look outward for the best way to proceed, be introspective and rediscover what’s important to you.

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