NMG: media before members

NMG: media before members

Details of New Mardi Gras’ record $575,627 loss for the year 2009/2010 were released to the media before members were given access to the information.

A rival GLBT media title was made aware of the full extent of the loss last week on the condition that the information was embargoed until Monday morning.

In comparison, New Mardi Gras members were not made formally aware of the loss until an email Monday afternoon, with the annual report posted on the organisation’s website shortly after that.

New Mardi Gras co-chair Steph Sands said the financial result was originally to be released last Friday.

“However, due to legal issues raised last Thursday they were temporarily delayed,” she said.

“Our financial statements were delivered to ASIC in accordance with their requirements, and action taken over the weekend has meant we can now publish the annual report to members.”

However, why journalists got to hear the details before members went unanswered.

Explaining why the figure was larger than the $400,000 members were told to expect in April, co-chair Nick Parker said the board hadn’t been able to calculate the full extent of the loss at the time.

“The loss recorded is more than what was predicted at the EGM in April as final calculations and performance-based sponsorship acquittals were not yet complete and could not be accurately disclosed at that time,” Parker said.

Key figures from the report include a near $500,000 drop in party ticket sales and $100,000 loss on Carnival. Sleaze ticket sales were down $26,000 on the previous year.

Fair Day, which lost nearly $21,000 in 2009, made a profit of over $3000, while the Harbour Party, which lost close to $36,000 last year, made close to $140,000.

Mardi Gras is able to weather the loss because of the $1,611,008 in total equity left after the 2009 season, with that equity now reduced to just over a $1 million.

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8 responses to “NMG: media before members”

  1. Its no use flogging a dead horse! If aspects of Mardi continue to lose heavily by tens of thousands of dollars then economise or adapt.

  2. Was the threat of legal action instigated by the rival publication so they could get a front page story for their new newspaper? Was this the same rival publication who threatened other media outlets with legal action if they published before them? Was this the same rival publisher who withdrew his candicacy last week when it became obvious there would be a huge conflict of interest?

    For the integrity of Mardi Gras and the Board, the agreement between them and this rival publication should be terminated, so that ALL media outlets have a fair advantage when reporting or promoting community events.

  3. How did an Annual Report get so close to being released which allowed it to be subject to legal action ?

    Again, where is the Integrity & Competence in the current Board that members expect ?

    Again, its time to demand it. Vote for a 50% change in the Board composition at the next AGM

  4. The fact that this happened tells the NMG members that their partnership with SX is more important than the members that allow it to exist.

    The Annual report states that this season NMG showed more focus and more appreciation for its members. If this is showing the importance of its members, i wonder what it was like before…..

    Shame on the current NMG board. Nothing but stuff ups. Parade/Party split. The cover up.
    The blaming on previous board members.
    The $580,000 loss. The astounding difference in the initial estimate of $400,000 and soft leaking it to the members and claiming that there wouldn’t be much leverage for change in that number.
    Shame on NMG for making promises to it’s members for change and progress. Yet constantly lying to them.
    Shame on the current NMG board for spending ever increasing amounts of money on poorly managed events that gave back little to no branding.
    And shame on them for knowing full well that the season would be affected by the parade/party split yet continue to spending more than half the seasons costs on hiring of paid staff members.
    Volunteers have been and were doing these roles before so many more paid stuff were being put onto the books. Thats not appreciation for its volunteers, many of whom are members.

    They claim that this season they have implemented all these varying measures in order to prevent these cock ups from happening, yet they keep happening.

    How is that management? More like poor management to me.

    Change is needed.

    Vote for change at the AGM.

  5. You all realise Members would have had the Annual Report last Thursday (pre anyone) if there was not the threat of legal action as detailed in the covering email …..

    The covering email even said this!

    Facts schmacts ……

  6. Where is the Integrity in the current Board that members expect ? Well, its time to demand it. Vote for a 50% change in the Board composition at the next AGM

  7. Oh, the Board has always previously stated that Fair Day does not make a loss – it is an expense, part of the Festival, and well worth it. Why the change in mind now a small profit is made through the efforts of hard working volunteers ?