Paddling a champion

Paddling a champion

Australia’s first GLBT dragon boat team had its first meeting last weekend to discuss the next steps towards becoming one of the fiercest competitors of next season.

Now with enough interested individuals ready to dedicate their time to learning and honing the art of dragon boat racing, the focus can turn towards getting the team kitted out.

Organiser Doug Sinclair announced that this might be easier and cheaper than anticipated.

A colleague has generously offered us a dragon boat to start the club with, instead of renting one, he said.

It will need some laying on of loving hands to bring it back to the luxury vessel I know you would want to put your bums in, but the price is right and the manufacturer’s model name is -˜Champion’, which is what I’m sure you will all make of it.

Sinclair is also in negotiations with a paddle supplier over a rental deal, and would be interested in speaking to any businesses who might be interested in sponsoring the club.

If you would like to take up dragon boat racing or would like to sponsor the club, contact Doug on 0407 170 254.

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