Partying on the Edge

Partying on the Edge

The sort of people we tend to attract to our parties usually defy definition and that’s why when people ask if our party is the alternative to Mardi Gras, I say no -“ it’s the original. It’s a theatrical bacchanalia starring yourselves, asserts A?ojak of senVoodoo. So as far as we’re concerned, this party will be entirely an entity unto its own.

Wojak’s plans for senVoodoo’s upcoming I-Ball party on 2 March might seem unashamedly ambitious, but given senVoodoo’s reputation for throwing some of the edgiest parties on the Sydney scene due to their anything goes attitude, you can understand Wojak’s conviction.

Through I-Ball the senVoodoo team are set to dish up a decadent, dark and dirty affair that will take over all three levels of Oxford Street’s La Bar.

The event should at the very least prove to be way beyond the ordinary because according to Wojak, I-Ball -“ like all senVoodoo parties -“ is all about defying definition.

The thrust of the party is very much allowing your imagination to run riot. Lush, decadent, debauched and intimate, it’s an opportunity to completely let go, says Wojak.

It’s also an opportunity for people to get out there and strut and play. There’s more to a party than just the music. A party is also d?r and shows and the people who come, so when you put that all together you end up having more than just lights, music and dancing. So it’s not just a dance party, it’s about creating theatre.

I-Ball will pull together three themed spaces at La Bar. The Ballroom will feature sets by DJs Bill Morley, Lanny K and Miss Yetti, while the Salon will host shows by The Sodom Circus and Minx Contortionista as well as sets by Robert Lake, Oberon and John Doe. SenVoodoo have also managed to secure the bottom floor of La Bar for the party and will transform the space into the Catacombs, a dark space for deviant behaviour.

We think sexuality is an integral part of having a party. We like to think that the people coming to the party and ourselves as organisers should be free to do what we want. There is a need out there, people want to play, people want to get sexy, says Wojak about the inspiration behind creating the Catacombs for I-Ball.

There is no reason why sexy and fantasy can’t exist in the same place. People should also know that we believe that dark and dirty and colourful are not contradictory to each other -“ they can all actually exist at the same party.

Also gearing up to be one of the hot party tickets in town over the Mardi Gras weekend is Loveseat’s Sexual Revolution party.

Carrying the theme Summer of Love; San Francisco 1967-70, Sexual Revolution aims to delve into all things psychedelic, gaining a lot of inspiration from Andy Warhol’s legendary Factory parties.

These parties get a really unique feel and most people should find that it will be unlike anything they have attended before, says Loveseat’s Jade Sims. Our parties are totally accepting of anyone and we really encourage a cross-section of people to come along.

Sexual Revolution will take place on two floors of a warehouse in Surry Hills, with the upstairs area designated as a chill-out area that will screen, says Jade, really cool old psychedelic films.

DJs Gemma, King Dom, Baby Boom Sam and Benios Mendes will be pumping out sets to range in style from rare groove, funk and soul, moving into more electronic music as the night progresses.

The party will also feature a performance from psycho groovers Tracky Dax and an avalanche of off-the-wall surprise shows, art installations and live body painting.

Like senVoodoo, Loveseat don’t shy away from letting their parties get a little hot and heavy in true Mardi Gras spirit.

I like to make the parties a bit raunchier during Mardi Gras because it’s one night where we get a little bit crazier than we usually would, says Sims.

For those on a budget, Sexual Revolution also presents a cost-effective alternative to other events around town during Mardi Gras because it’s BYO.

Sexual Revolution takes place on 2 March at Level 9, 47/53 Cooper Street, Surry Hills. Tickets are $22 plus booking fee and can be bought at Broadway Betty, Reachin’ Records and Good Groove.

I-Ball also takes place on 2 March and will be held at La Bar on Oxford. Advance tickets cost $25 and are available at Sax Fetish and Reactor Rubber.

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