Pride Week 2002 launched

Pride Week 2002 launched

The Pride Week 2002: Rhythms Of Our Rights program has been launched, bringing together 19 community organisations to stage the annual commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

This year’s program incorporates a strong focus on gay and lesbian rights in NSW in light of next year’s state election and the organising committee has worked hard to extend the range of cultural events.

Committee member Lou-Anne Lind said she is pleased to see Pride Week expand to include 33 events because it demonstrates a strong grassroots community development.

I think it’s a real coup to get so many organisations to work together -“ that includes Mardi Gras, the BGF and ACON. All the major players are there, so we are really pleased with that outcome, Lind told Sydney Star Observer.

Pride Week is very much a partnership-oriented project. It shows the strong commitment that exists within our community sector to work together and ensure that good outcomes are achieved.

Lind believes that because Pride Week is a not-for-profit event it provides the opportunity for organisations to create something positive, while focusing on community needs and issues.

It’s very traditional, which is nice, Lind said.

Everyone is trying to put something together around a five-dollar budget and at the end of the day, I think that’s what community is all about. So it’s nice to go back to that.

Some of the highlights from the hefty Pride Week program include the official launch at Gilligans on Monday 24 June, an open day at the Mardi Gras workshop, the Revolution dance party and the Sydney Star Observer Pride Week Awards.

Copies of the program are out now and available from the Oxford Hotel, the Sydney Pride Centre, the Sydney Star Observer office and the program can also be downloaded from

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