Turning the page on stigma

Turning the page on stigma

Positive Life NSW will launch an online magazine to combat stigma associated with HIV and relationships.

The magazine SERO DISCO 2 will look at issues around serodiscordant relationships — where one partner is HIV-positive and the other HIV-negative — and debunk some common misconceptions.

The magazine will tackle a range of issues including whether HIV can be passed on if one partner has an ‘undetectable’ viral load, oral sex, and starting new relationships.

Positive Life NSW president Malcolm Leech said the campaign hopes to help find people answers.

“SERO DISCO 2 highlights that many pos-neg guys are already in or starting relationships,” Leech said.

“What’s more, lots of couples have intimate and great sex lives.”

Positive Life NSW (Positive Life) is a non-profit community organisation which advocates on behalf of people with HIV.

SERO DISCO 2 will be available online.

INFO: www.sd2.positivelife.org.au or call 02 9206 2178.

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