We can dance where we want to

We can dance where we want to

Talk about making you feel unwelcome.

Judging by this picture, the Central Coast still has a way to go before it can lay claim to being a progressive, accepting and progressive area.

Nell Schofield sent us this picture taken in the carpark at Munmorah National Park.

It just goes to show that homophobia is still rife on the Central Coast, Schofield said.

Pictured is proud lesbian author Fiona McGregor making her feelings about the graffiti more than obvious. Fiona, we tend to agree with you!

We can only hope the offending message has been removed.

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4 responses to “We can dance where we want to”

  1. I would not take this too seriously – no matter how many times you see it and how wrong it is. In life you will always find good and bad, weak and strong traits in people who have to prove how STRONG they are by such selfish, thoughtless acts.
    This is just the work of some self obsessed person/s who I am sure do not have the mental capacity to understand that their opinion is just one in a world of billions. And whilst their opinion should be heard, so should the billion others – who like me – want the chance to say what we think. But unlike the writer, have the intelligence to work out that my opinion – right or wrong – is not welcome rammed down the throat of another.
    So please do not even consider that these are the thoughts of people who live or work in this area. My bet is that most of them find this kind of thing very distasteful no matter what their bent and were simply too uninitiated to do anything about it.

    One tiny percentage against the majority. Goodness and kindness within people will win against these evil weak monkeys. You never know, in time, narrow minded people like these might prove to be the minority group in the future – now wouldn’t that be nice? It may just be a matter of time…..

  2. The graffiti at the Tea Tree car park in the Lake Munmorah State Recreation Area started to appear when the Lower Birdie Beach car park was closed for reconstruction at the beginning of May. Over a period of nearly two weeks, the graffiti got worse and more threatening. It then started appearing at the entrance to the park some two kilometres from the car park. It made me really angry that for all this time NPWS personnel, who were going about their daily duties, chose to ignore it and do nothing to remove it. I emailed the LGAVP ACON about the situation, and Robert (Project Officer) got on to the NPWS. The graffiti was removed within 24 Hours, however, over the next few weeks the graffiti kept returning, and Robert kept the pressure on the NPWS to act swiftly to remove it. I made it known to Robert that I was convinced that this volience was being carried out by the contractors employed by the NPWS who were working in the lower car park.

  3. I will personally remove the graffiti in that car park, I actually live near there.