Your mother and the moon

Your mother and the moon

As it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought it fitting to talk about your relationship with your mother. Mothers are special people and we came into this life to learn something from them.

It can help to understand how your mother has influenced your upbringing if you look at where the moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you didn’t grow up with your birth mother it will be the closest person who had the strongest impact on you in the first seven years of your life.

The moon affects the inner workings of a person, including how a person responds emotionally to situations.

Learning about your moon sign can help you understand why you respond the way you do, which can in turn help you understand yourself in intimate relationships.

We are evolving beings and we can transcend our learned responses to life’s situations. However, it does take awareness, and astrology can help with that. It’s good to know where you have come from to know where you’d like to be.


If you give yourself a chance, you’ll find you are capable and do have the necessary skills to achieve your goals. The flipside is you could act too cocky and alienate yourself. Be humble but confident and maintain your sense of humour. Also, keep an eye on your bank balance.


With Venus in your sign, Saturn moving forward and the recent new moon in your sign, it’s all about taking bold steps to a secure future. Use this time to fully accept yourself and set new goals for the next 12 months. This is the perfect opportunity to move on from the stuff you’d rather forget.


This is when quiet time will be most beneficial. There are loose ends to tie up this month and some conclusions that need to be reached. You are seeking answers to questions that are best answered by yourself. That’s what the solitude will help you achieve. Listen to what your higher self wants to tell you.


Be careful what you wish for -¦ you know how the saying goes. Positive thinking will be your best friend for the whole month. You’ll be determined to claim what’s yours; just be aware that going too hard will cause you frustration. Your friends and networks are still in focus.


Mars has moved into your sign helping you to really establish your individuality. Adding to this is the chance to redefine your career and set a new course. Think back to this time two years ago. Where were you positioned then? If it was a good place you can have that again and, if not so good, you can correct it.


Your personal development remains under construction helping you to broaden your horizons. There’s still a part of you that clings to childhood conditioning. It’s never too late to alter this. Stay focused for the next three weeks as your ruling planet Mercury goes into retrograde at the end of the month.


This week brings out the mothering quality in you. Whether it’s to do with cash, relationships or the way you function in daily routines, there is some sort of authoritative role you need to adopt to take control of the situation. Your finances have seemed depleted forcing you to reassess the money situation.


This is a love and relationship-focused week with a little bit of career thrown in. The Sun and Venus make love and relationships fun, exciting and just plain beautiful. Mars in your career zone means you are fired up when it comes to your professional plans, so use the first three weeks to organise and conquer.


With all that’s happened in recent months you are probably left wondering what’s going on. You now have a place to start figuring that out and it starts from realigning your health and daily routines. With Mars in Leo you’ll feel urged to work on personal development and making a 12-month plan.


Have you reached any conclusions with regards to last week’s question, What really matters to you? You are advised to keep working on it. There will be more time for reflection at the end of the month, but for now all efforts up till that point are going to make the rest of the year easier.


Miracles can happen if you believe they can. Leave room for spontaneity and some magic. Your relationships are about to heat up and this can go either way, arguing or loving fiercely. There will also be a development on the domestic scene where your home and family are concerned.


Mars in your daily routine zone makes May a hectic month so keep an eye on energy levels. Your oral and written communications start a new chapter and require your efforts to ensure the right information is given and received. When Mercury goes retrograde at end of the month things may not be as clear.

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