Pam Ann on being mistaken for a drag queen and her upcoming Australian tour

Pam Ann on being mistaken for a drag queen and her upcoming Australian tour

Camp comedy favourite Pam Ann is flying back to Australia this year with her hilarious new show. She opened up to Jesse Jones about drag, awkward mid-flight moments, and how her persona was born.

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Pam Ann has been mistaken for a drag queen more than once, but she’s never offended.

“It’s a big compliment,” she says.

“I grew up surrounded by drag queens. They’re hilarious and fabulous.”

And there are Pam Ann drag acts out there—she says it’s “flattering” to see guys who dress up and impersonate her.

“Some of them have better legs,” she laughs.

Unlike most queens, Pam divulges that she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.

“I’m terrible at it,” she says.

“I wish drag queens would do my makeup. I’m awful at doing it, so I don’t spend much time on it. I wish I could do makeup like drag queens, because they do a great fucking job.”

The Pam Ann retro flight attendant persona was inspired by her attraction to the old-school chic and glamour of flying—and her name came from a tipsy misunderstanding.

“I dressed up as a Pan Am[erican Airways] hostess for a birthday party,” she says.

“I got very drunk and I thought someone was calling me Pam Ann. I woke up, and boom, she was born.”

Pam travels plenty these days to perform for crowds around the world.

“I feel like I could actually be a flight attendant because I’ve flown so much,” she says.

“I’m a kid when it comes to flying. I’m always excited to go to the airport, no matter how much travel I do. I love it—I’m a plane geek.

“My favourite airline at the moment is American Airlines… they use my videos in their training.”

After many flights, Pam has her share of odd tales from the air.

“I woke up with a guy on top of me once,” she remembers.

“I think he’d had an Ambien. Lucky it was me, because it might have been a disturbing moment for someone else. For me, I thought it was hilarious.

“I’d been sleeping, and when I woke up he kind of had his legs on the armrest and the rest of him on top of me.

“I said, ‘I think you’re in the wrong seat, darling.’

“Later he couldn’t remember anything. He was quite cute too.”

Pam is returning to Australia in August and September with her new show, Flight Attendant Star.

“This show’s going to have a lot of audience participation,” she promises.

“I’m really excited to present something different this time around.

“I’m going to do a lip sync battle, and have people doing airline things and dressing up. It’s going to be a riot.

“Buckle up.”

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