Brisbane rainbow artwork to be restored after vandalism

Brisbane rainbow artwork to be restored after vandalism
Image: Photo: Facebook / Councillor Vicki Howard.

BRISBANE’S New Farm Neighbourhood Centre is working with Brisbane City Council to restore a damaged LGBTI rainbow artwork.

“Disappointed,” wrote councillor Vicki Howard on Facebook.

“BCC-funded [LGBTI] community artwork at the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre has been damaged—mosaic tiles chipped off and copper words of hope stolen—leaving the artwork not at its best.

“We’re working with [community group] Communify to get it looking fabulous again.”

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre coordinator Jenny Ryan confirmed they are working with Council and the original artist to restore the public artwork, which shows a rainbow breaking through a closet.

“We’re an inclusive space here,” said Ryan.

Artist Karl de Waal, who originally created the sculpture three years ago, said the artwork is to celebrate all elements of the LGBTI community. He called the damage “a homophobic response”.

“I used to go past every two or three weeks to see how things were going,” said de Waal.

“Occasionally a tile would fall off here or there, which I’d patch up. But about six weeks ago I went down there and someone had put what I imagine was a fist right through it, and did some pretty bad damage.

“It’s a bit of a big job to fix things up. It’s a sad thing to go down and see that.”

de Waal said the company providing some of the materials has agreed to provide them at cost for the restoration project.

“I just want to get it done ASAP and get it up there again,” he said.

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