Queer arts round-up July 13, 2018: apocalypse, fembots, and gaybies

Queer arts round-up July 13, 2018: apocalypse, fembots, and gaybies
Image: Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes.

If you’re keen on Australia’s queer arts scene, it’s not always easy to find the latest and greatest of what to see.

Our new regular queer arts round-up is designed to highlights up-and-coming queer voices, fringe art, and LGBTI stories being told by LGBTI creatives.

Check out what’s on offer in the fortnight ahead.

Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes @ Bondi Feast, Sydney 17–21 July

Beginning next week, Bondi Feast brings artistic delights to the seaside suburb. Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes is a contemporary take on The Book of Revelation, the foundation for much of our modern understanding of apocalypse.

A collaboration between director and multi-hyphenate Joe Lui and performers Andrew Sutherland, Jacinta Larcombe, Michelle Aitken, Bondi Feast’s website describes Unveiling as “a ritualistic extravaganza of BDSM, high camp, religious ecstasy and altered states of being,” as well as “perverse, contemporary, joyous, and hilarious.” Sounds fab!

Tickets: https://www.bondifeast.com.au/event/unveiling-gay-sex-for-endtimes/

Future’s Eve @ Bondi Feast – 17–21 July

Another Bondi Feast bounty, Future’s Eve is described as a cult sci-fi performance spectacle which shifts between theatre, dance, live art, and retro science fiction to playfully investigate the gendered and erotic nature of future technologies.

Encounter an array of lady-robots from sex-bots to personal assistants, and a toaster called Tina; freshly brewed coffee; a bizarre game-show; and a celebratory blitz of feminine revenge.

It received the Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award after premiering to raves in Perth in early 2018. This one woman show from Australian artist Michelle Aitken, in her NSW debut, is sure to increase your bandwidth.

Tickets: https://www.bondifeast.com.au/event/futures-eve/

Intoxication @ Bondi Feast – 17 & 18 July

Melbourne playwright Christopher Bryant distils millennial queer anxiety into a patchwork exploration of how the intense fear of being alone rules modern society, and how one person’s loneliness is symptomatic of everyone’s problem.

Intoxication is about connection in all its forms: between people, friends, lovers, electricity cords and sockets, all getting close. Trying to get closer.

Tickets: https://www.bondifeast.com.au/event/intoxication/

HIGHNESS @ Arts House Melbourne – 18–21 July

Highly performative and visually immersive, HIGHNESS richly considers the work of wearing a crown: its freedoms and limitations; its histories of colony, blood and theft; the trick of appearing born to rule; duty, devotion and spectacle.

Lavish, playful, touching and disturbing by turns, HIGHNESS is for people who love the moving image, people who love pop, people who love performance, people who love women, people who love drag: people who love queens.

Tickets: https://www.artshouse.com.au/events/highness/

Peter Maloney: Lost Continent @ Utopia Art Sydney – 7–28 July

A collection of works by Canberra-based artist Peter Maloney are on display at Utopia Art. Maloney, who lived in Sydney through the 1980s and the AIDS crisis, are works on paper created across the past four decades.

Often including snippets of conversation, news headlines and shopping lists, his works also often reference the names of friends who died that day.

For details: http://www.utopiaartsydney.com.au/index.php

Gaybies @ The Youth Arts Warehouse, Gosford – 20 – 28 July

Hotly political and deeply personal – Dean Bryant’s Gaybies is a funny and moving piece of verbatim theatre that tells the story of children who have grown up with gay parents. Drawn straight from interviews with children aged four to forty, these are authentic accounts of family life told with humour, honesty and wisdom.

This show will inspire and inform you on what it’s like to grow up in families that were once considered hypothetical and now are controversial. This production also features brand new content covering last year’s postal survey.

Tickets: http://www.jopukaproductions.com.au/productions/gaybies/

If you’re a grassroots LGBTI creative and have a show, performance, or event you’d like featured in an upcoming queer arts round-up, email a synopsis, a great image, and a link to where people can go for more information to: [email protected]. Please include ‘SO Queer Arts’ in the subject line so we can find it easily.

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