Sydney NRL Player Adam Doueihi Will Face No Action Over Homophobic Post

Sydney NRL Player Adam Doueihi Will Face No Action Over Homophobic Post
Image: Adam Doueihi. Image: NRL

Sydney NRL club the West Tigers insisted their devout Christian player Adam Doueihi was “remorseful” after he commented “embarrassing” on an English Premier League post about LGBTQI inclusion. 

The West Tigers player Doueihi, who deleted his offensive Instagram post, claimed he did not intend to target the LGBTQI community.

The club said it was satisfied by the player’s explanation and he would not face any sanctions over his objectionable social media post. 

The 25-year-old player had in October defended a Sydney Christian school which had banned students from taking their same-sex partners to the Year 12 formal. 

Homophobic Post

On Sunday, Doueihi commented on a English Premier League post about LGBTQI inclusion as part of Stonewall UK’s Rainbow Laces campaign. 

Doueih’ wrote “embarrassing post” and the comment received over 9,000 likes before it was deleted. Doueih told the club he felt the post was dictating what people could say about the LGBTQI community, reported AAP. He said he deleted the post as he did not realise it could be misconstrued as homophobic. 

The club said that Doueihi was “remorseful” and they had decided not to take any action against him, reported News Corp. According to the club, Doueihi did not intend to hurt anyone. 

Christian NRL Player

This is not the first time Doueihi has publicised his anti-LGBTQI views. 

In October, a student of St. Ursula’s in Kingsgrove, in southeast Sydney, called out the school’s discriminatory policy of banning students form taking their same-sex partners to the Year 12 Formal. Following a public outcry, the school revoked the ban. 

Doueihi, who said he was born and raised in a “Christian Lebanese Australian family”, told 2GB’s Chris O’ Keefe  that Christian faith was being “mocked badly in society.” 

“When a Catholic school – yes, a Catholic school – wants to teach the Catholic teachings and act in a Catholic manner towards situations, this seems to be a big issue for the minority of people to understand. What’s happened to morals, what’s happened to values, what’s happened to respecting people’s religions and what they stand for?” the player told the radio show host. 

“We as Christians don’t have anything against different types of people. All we say is keep us out of it. Stop trying to brainwash our children and cause confusion for the next generation of Catholics.”

“We don’t care if you want to go and be whatever you want to be, but don’t try and force it upon us and drag us along with you. If you’re not into all the Catholic teachings, then don’t go to a Catholic school. No one is forcing parents to stand there and send their children to certain schools,” Doueihi added on the show.

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