The Australian prints full page ad of pro-marriage equality companies

The Australian prints full page ad of pro-marriage equality companies

MORE than 50 Australian businesses have come together in a full page advertisement in today’s The Australian in a show of support for marriage equality.

Placed on page five of the national newspaper, the ad (scroll down to view in full) is seen as a statement from Australia’s biggest businesses declaring “corporate Australia supports marriage equality”.

Companies listed include Westpac, BT Financial, St George, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, David Jones, Fitness First, Foxtel, Google, KPMG, Optus, PWC, Qantas, Slater & Gordon, Telstra and Virgin Money.

The Star Observer is also among the businesses listed.

These supporters, along with many more, have signed a letter of support calling for marriage equality to be legislated by Australian parliament.

Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Rodney Croome said the business community’s support for marriage equality reflected the importance it placed on treating all staff and customers.

“I applaud Australia’s business community for its leadership on marriage equality, and for the powerful message it is sending to our federal representatives about moving forward quickly on the reform,” he said.

Businesses who want to declare their support can visit

Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 10.45.55 AM
The Australian businesses who have written an official letter of support for marriage equality were all listed on a full page advertisement in today’s edition of The Australian.


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28 responses to “The Australian prints full page ad of pro-marriage equality companies”

  1. I work for Telstra – good to see it on the list! Telstra’s new slogan should be; “It’s how we disconnect bigots!”

  2. Where is the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) headquarters located?, I want to blow them up sky high with a few bombs, so they have no political interference whatsoever in policy decision and/or direction making!

    • Violence and acts of terrorism is never the answer! The ACL, the Liberal party and other bigoted scum are running out of arguments against marriage equality anyway very fast!

  3. At the next federal election (due sometime late next year), i beg you please vote out these Liberal scum cunts out of office – to send a clear message of support on marriage equality!

    Vote 1 Greens!

  4. Noticeably missing was NAB ? A bit weird, they always have sponsorship at midsumma. Not cool NAb…. :(

  5. Strange how Foxtel (half owned by News Corp) is on the list but News itself isn’t. It must only be the Telstra part of Foxtel that supports equality.

  6. I’m never comfortable when companies do stuff like this, seems like it’s just being done for publicity. I’d be more impressed if the CEO of each company made a personal statement in support of marriage equality.

    • I work at one of these companies. Our support was actually driven by the initiative of several different individuals (not marketing types) who felt strongly about this within the organisation.

      Cynicism’s great, but I think in this instance it discredits people’s genuine desire for equality and the efforts they have made to get their companies on board to support it.

    • i don’t think having an opinion is being cynical. id just be more comfortable if companies stuck to making money and not making social commentary

      • Your joking. A rich society bereft of morality. Bereft of integrity. Sounds like the LNP Party Platform.

    • yes when they’re saying something you agree with. i suppose this helps Westpac look more touchy feeling after funding barrier reef dredging, or maybe helps people forget ANZ’s class action for screwing its customers over fees. what if these same companies got together to support something you didnt like, oh the outcry.

  7. If you are shareholders and most Australians have shares via their superannuation funds, please phone companies that have not listed in the advertisement. I have phoned Woolworths Limited this morning because I am a shareholder. No Westfarmers ( Coles/Bunnings) either! You think that LGBTI people do not shop in this country.