Here’s what’s coming up on the VicBears social calendar

Here’s what’s coming up on the VicBears social calendar

Each month we’ll take a trip into the woods to catch up with our community’s bears and their admirers. This month President of VicBears Rob Camm highlights the group’s busy and fun social calendar.

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Come out of the woods, and find the bears.

If you can’t remember where the bears are, or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve hung out with your bear mates – don’t fret! The bears are never far away.

In bear clubs across the country in all mainland capital cities, you’ll find regular gatherings of bears and their admirers, providing opportunities for those who like the bearish side of life to meet up, hang out, and have a blast.

Here at VicBears, we’ve got over one hundred events planned for the year ahead, including regular get togethers and activities every month (think hearty lunches, fun days out, water aerobics, café catch-ups and big month pub gatherings), as well as being actively involved of all the big colourful community events in Melbourne and across the state.

So if you’re newly curious or a lapsed lazy bear, now’s the perfect time to hunt down your nearest bear activities and jump into the fun (hint: all the Aussie bear clubs have websites and Facebook pages with all their events listed).

You won’t find us anywhere near the woods these days – we’re out, proud, and occasionally loud. Woofs and hugs. Here are some great events coming up in the next month we’d love to see you at:

  • Sunday 14 October – Bears ‘n’ Brews Lunch
  • Sunday 21 October – AquaBear Water Aerobics
  • Saturday 27 October – UNION @ The Laird

For more information head to our Facebook page at:

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