Pauline Hanson Says Transgender Children Should Be Taken From Parents

Pauline Hanson Says Transgender Children Should Be Taken From Parents

Pauline Hanson is at it again. This time the embattled senator has come out saying that parents of young children who believe their child might be transgender should have their children taken off them.

“Confusing kids and going to the doctor and parent’s saying ‘Look, my four-year-old they really can’t identify, and we want to change their sex.’ You are bloody idiots, how can a kid at four years old know if they want to be male or if they actually want to be a girl.

The comments were made by Senator Hanson on Pellowe Talk an online ‘political discussion program in an episode which featured conversation surrounding the recent announcement of the Queensland government’s bill to outlaw conversion therapy in the state.                                                                                                        

There’s more to this and these parents need their heads read or the kids taken off them, because they want to change their sex because the kid has gone and played with a doll.”

 She went on to declare that she was sick of the letters that described sexuality and gender, calling for children who believe they are transgender to be removed from supportive parents.

“The Q is for queer, and I asked the question in parliament – well what is queer? I have no understanding, I’m sorry, I’m from the old school, I’m sick of all these letters. There are about 37 or 39 different categories.”

Earlier this year Hanson gainfully misquoted ABS statistics, claiming that just 57 students under the age of 15 identified as transgender as she introduced her Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill. While in 2017, as the debate around marriage equality grew Hanson told parliament that she would ignore a majority “yes” result of the postal survey on the matter, saying that she felt it was a sham, farcical and a waste of money whilst also slamming gay couples for trying to “take the word ‘marriage’.

In this most recent tirade, Hanson admitted to thinking that some parents brainwashed their children into believing they were transgender because they really wanted a child of the opposite gender.

 “I remember my son at 12 or 18 months old, he loved having a doll beside him and I put the bloody doll in the cot beside him. Guess what, there’s nothing wrong with him.

“Kids have to be kids, let them find their own feet, let them find their own sexual preference, who they are, as they go through puberty, don’t try and brain wash them into your way of thinking because you’ve got a boy and you really wanted a girl.”

Senator Hanson also raised her concerns surrounding how young people should not be able to access counselling about gender until they were over 18 years of age and said that she hoped her party would be able to reverse the legislation in the future.

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6 responses to “Pauline Hanson Says Transgender Children Should Be Taken From Parents”

  1. THE funny thing to one nation,
    Is if heterosexuality has not 1 solution to a problem,
    You know what the answer will be in the long run- or are they thar stupid?

  2. Why, Oh, WHY does the media give this racist, bigotted, xenophobic, homophobic woman the publicity she so craves? Don’t they realise that publicity is the one thing she thrives on. It is her Oxygen Supply. Without it she becomes Nothing and Dies.

  3. For all the time she has on her hands being a perpetual pratt and doing nothing useful for our country, wouldn’t it be good if she actually did some research, instead just farting out hot air comments like “I don’t know what they’re talking about”.
    I guess that she must be one of those lazy ‘adults’ who believe that once you’re a certain age, that you don’t need to learn anymore.

  4. She is clearly unable to think clearly. Did she not know she was a girl as a child? Of course she did. Just as I knew. Kids know their gender even when their bodies don’t match.