Protests Against Latham’s Anti-Trans Bill Continue

Protests Against Latham’s Anti-Trans Bill Continue
Image: Image from Community Action for Rainbow Rights Facebook.

After October’s protest against Mark Latham’s proposed Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 went ahead despite being banned by the Supreme Court, Community  Action For Rainbow Rights (CARR) is planning a second protest for this Saturday.

Speaking to Star Observer, CARR Co-Convener April Holcombe said, “we have plenty of rainbow facemasks left and attendees are welcome to them, for a small donation where possible.” Holcombe also stated that “hand sanitiser will be provided and those with symptoms will be required to stay home.”

Since the protest in October, NSW restrictions have now changed to allow up to 500 protestors to gather. Holcombe informed Star Observer that “this will hopefully allow even more people to come along without the outrageous threat of fines.”

The march, according to Holcombe, will take place down Oxford Street and then along Elizabeth Street to Hyde Park.

The protest is against Mark Latham’s Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020, which seeks to ban the possibility of recognition of transgender and gender diverse students within schools.

 Holcombe informed Star Observer that “Mark Latham’s bill is still floating around. At some point, it will be put to parliament. We cannot wait for that moment to begin our opposition. If this bill goes unchallenged, that sends a message to trans kids and their teachers that it is not a big deal, that they don’t matter. Instead, trans and gender diverse youth need to see a clear show of public support for them.

“It is important to keep up the fight! It might look like Mark Latham is quiet on the issue; in fact, he is liaising behind the scenes with hard right conservative and religious groups.”

Holcombe expressed excitement about “a gender diverse high schooler” who will speak at the protest alongside NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong. “This will be an important opportunity to hear from the young people directly affected by this proposed bill.”

There were a number of fines given out at the last protest as well. According to Holcombe “at least 12” protestors were fined $1000. “Almost all those fined are challenging in court, and we have acquired pro bono legal representation to do so.”

Holcombe followed by stating that “since the NSW government has conceded that protests should not be restricted when everything else is open, it is an outrage that people are still expected to hand over $1000 to the government for standing up for trans kids.”

The protest to oppose Mark Latham’s Bill will take place at 1pm on Saturday, November 28 at Taylor Square in Darlinghurst.

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