Reuben Kaye’s Jesus Joke Stuns ‘The Project’ Hosts

Reuben Kaye’s Jesus Joke Stuns ‘The Project’ Hosts
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Comedian Reuben Kaye’s snuck a cheeky Jesus crucifixion joke into his appearance on The Project which stopped the hosts in their tracks.  

Kaye was on The Project Tuesday night plugging his Australian comedy festival tour.

Kaye: Online You Get Some Real Gems

During the interview, Kaye was talking about how his audience is usually very supportive in person. However, on social media, it’s a different story. 

“The audience in the room is normally very supportive. But online, once they have the anonymity of a screen behind them, is where you get some real gems,” he said.

“I get a whole bunch on TikTok coming at me from a religious angle. Which I think is hilarious because Queer people, LGBTQIA+, predate any idea of God. 

“We’re present in the animal kingdom. If you go prior to the Cambrian explosion, I’m sure there were two amoebas listening to Lady Gaga, doing poppers, and banging away. 

‘Nailed For Three Days Straight’

“So I think it’s hilarious when someone messages me and says you have to accept Jesus’s love or you will burn in hell, because I love Jesus. 

“I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more,” he said, stunning the hosts of the show into laughter. 

“Got a question, Wal?,” Sarah Harris joked. 

“Not about that, no,” Waleed Aly quipped back.

Soon after the airing, The Project was forced to issue an apology. Hosts Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris made the apology straight to camera.

“During a live interview last night, our guest told  joke which we know was deeply offensive to many of you in particular people of faith,” Aly said.

“We want to acknowledge the particular offence and hurt that caused our Muslim, but especially our Christian viewers.”

Harris added, “Live TV is unpredictable and when this happened in the last few moments of the show, it genuinely took us all by surprise. There wasn’t a lot of time to react in any sort considered way.”

“We weren’t expecting a comment like that to be made. We wouldn’t normally broadcast it. We acknowledged the offence it caused. We are sorry,” Aly concluded.

Kaye is appearing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March. In April, he will be at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In May, he will be at both the Perth Comedy Festival and Brisbane Comedy Festival. 

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14 responses to “Reuben Kaye’s Jesus Joke Stuns ‘The Project’ Hosts”

  1. What type of society are we turning into when we can’t even have a chuckle from a Comedian

    Get of yourselves people that are being offended and focus on the real issues out in the real world

  2. No worse than that old Easter Jesus joke , where he goes back to Bethlehem for Good Friday, there’s still no room in that bloody Inn, so he puts 3 nails onto the bar & asks if he can be put up for the night !
    What ? Too soon ?

  3. Oh dear Patrick,
    The Catholic ‘Faith’ has caused so much damage to humanity and millions of deaths throughout history. It should be banished to the ancient past.
    Might I ask you.. what if you had being born in a Muslim or Hindu country?
    And by the way, Heaven (and Hell) don’t exist so you have wasted your life trying to be a good Catholic and believing their controlling narrative.

  4. But Christians are allowed to run around and say we will burn in hell for all eternity…..and thats apparently OK.

  5. Agreed. I see no reason why children shouldn’t hear such a joke. My children would have loved the joke. They are a big fan of the Monty Python scene where they sang “Always look on the bright side of life” to this day and were taught to be able to see the wisdom of poking fun at shibboleths.

  6. I don’t find it funny ie the pervesity of approach you have raised. I find it a sad indictment of our society that religion gets a free pass on being ridiculed or joked about, yet it is just another of the myths and fictional belief systems that people joke about both in the media and in everyday life.

    Meantime, jokes or even nasty, truly inapproriate comments about really serious social issues, whether about LGBTQ+, immigrsyion, rsvr snf msny more get ignored or even promoted, particularly when from religious or other “influential” figures.

    It is truly a perveserse society when we allow this to occur.

    From an aging, Catholic raised and educated, regional dwelling pensioner.

  7. Family air time, family contents! Religious beliefs and LGBTQIA’s should definitely be considered after the young people watching.

  8. As a Christian myself and Gay too… I know Jesus would have chuckled at that because he knows the dark side of Christianity which he never condoned or supported. Those Christian were offended but at the same time supports gay conversion therapy which has lead to high level of sucicide, and said no at the plebiscite pouring in millions of dollars to advertise so much untruths and aiming to harm us lgbtq people, and many youth homeless due to belief and yet the bible says to love one another as Jesus commandment hmmmm and then you have Muslim, the extreme side just pushes gay people to their death or stone them or whatever. You wonder why lgbtq people have mixed feelings about Christianity. My Christian friends would have seen the funny side as they love people first not the other way around. They embraced lgbtq people and tell them god loves them no matter what others say.

  9. The statement/joke was funny.
    Reuben Kaye is an entertainer, who The Project had on the show to promote the style & performance of a great entertainer.
    An old adage : The truth & facts hurt”.

    MYO : The Project threw Reuben under the
    Bus. Apology should go to Reuben not
    The Audience.

    Stopped watching The Project the night Charlie Pickering left.
    The show doesn’t have any credibility whatsoever.

  10. I find it funny that they apologise to people of faith, but not the LGBTQIA’s for all the offensive things people of faith say about our community and discrimination against any other minority. Double standards.

  11. Jesus, do we have to apologise for every little thing? It’s a joke Joyce and may I say, a funny one!
    Can I get an on-air apology for being offended at the christians outrage?