Safe Schools championed by those promoting pedophilia: Mildura Mayor

Safe Schools championed by those promoting pedophilia: Mildura Mayor

A REGIONAL Victorian Mayor who supported his council’s LGBTI inclusion plan has come under fire for comments he made on his public Facebook page about the Safe Schools program.

Glenn Milne, who is the Mayor of Mildura in Victoria’s north-east, shared articles about the Safe Schools program on his public ‘Glenn Milne Working for Mildura’ Facebook.

 One of the posts said: “Unsafe schools are what is being created. It is quite clear that the people don’t want and don’t support the garbage being shoved down the throats of our children through a program championed, by those promoting peadophilia (sic), enough is enough”.

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Mildura local James Price was one of a handful of people chosen to be on a reference group called Mildura Pride, who worked on the council’s LGBTI inclusion program which the Cr Milne supported by voting for it to happen.

“He’s very inconsistent,” Price said.

“One minute he’s supporting the LGBTI inlcusion and also two weeks after IDAHOT where the rainbow flag was raised outside the council chambers, we’ve got the mayor linking homosexuality with pedophilia, all on the basis on being allowed to have an opinion.

“But when we’re trying to draw the link to homosexuality and pedophilia, that’s dancing very close to defamation & hate speech.”

Price said that even though it has some work to do on inclusion, Mildura was a fairly tolerant town and many LGBTI people lived there.

“It was still quite jarring and inappropriate for him to do it. My concern when I first saw it was for other people in the community,” he said.

“It sends a horrible mixed message to queer people in the community and their friends and families. It hurs to see their brother, sister or child essentially being compared to a pedophile.”

Star Observer approached Cr Milne for an interview, but he did not respond to our requests for our comment.

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2 responses to “Safe Schools championed by those promoting pedophilia: Mildura Mayor”

  1. I don’t understand why people still equate homosexuality with paedophilia. There has never been a link between the two and an article I read years ago said that the profile of a paedophile was usually a married or straight identifying middle aged white male. I wish people would get their facts right.