Senate won’t condemn Uganda

Senate won’t condemn Uganda

Government and Opposition senators have joined forces to defeat a motion condemning an anti-gay bill currently before the Ugandan Parliament.
The Ugandan bill criminalises any act of same-gendered sexual intimacy with 10 years imprisonment, with repeat offenders to be jailed for life and HIV positive people eligible for the death penalty.
The creation, possession or distribution of material presenting homosexuality in a positive light would also be banned under the law, as would advocacy on behalf of GLBT people, while voiding international treaties where they apply to same-sex attracted individuals.
Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young put to motion of condemnation last Thursday.
But Labor’s Joe Ludwig told senators it was inappropriate for the Senate to hear such a resolution.
“The Government’s view is that complex matters of international relations should not be considered in the Senate by means of formal motions. It is counterproductive for motions of this kind to single out one country,” he said, before restating the Government’s opposition to laws criminalising GLBT people.
“As recently as last month … the Australian ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva noted the importance of eliminating discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity,” he said.
“Australia will continue to advocate in support of human rights of all individuals in a manner that we judge to be effective.”
When put to a vote, only the Independent, Nick Xenophon, supported the motion out of 34 non-Greens senators in the chamber.
Eric Abetz, manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, did not explain his party’s opposition to the motion.
The bill is supported by the Ugandan Muslim Supreme Council, as well as the Orthodox, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist and Anglican churches in Uganda.

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7 responses to “Senate won’t condemn Uganda”

  1. What a PATHETIC lot in Canberra and the Senate.But lets face it we do not have rights here like gay marriage etc that were passed into law in many countries years ago.We have supposedly one of the biggest G+L parades and festivals etc in the world and some good its done.Its time to have a rethink.And certainly a rethink of whom to vote for.It won’t be for any of the disgraceful people that opposed this motion.SHAME ON YOU AUSTRALIA.

  2. “As recently as last month … the Australian ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva noted the importance of eliminating discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity,”

    This is evidence of hypocrisy.

    The Australian Ambassador to the United Nations opposes discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and the Australian Government discriminates against its own citizens on the grounds of gender identity.

    We have an immoral government.

  3. Dave:

    Some factual corrections

    Same-sex superannuation entitlements and many, many other entitlements recommended by the Human Rights Commission were passed in December 2008. None of this had progressed under John Howard.

    There is no Federal Equal Opportunity Act.

    There is a Race discrimination Act (1975) Sex (1984)Disability (1992) and Age (2004)

    And while the Senate is not the forum for expressing concern over the proposed Ugandan Bill, we need someone from Government – the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister -to speak out and ensure the bill is not passed!

  4. Come on Mr Rudd. Show us you are Christian and not a Satan impersonator. CONDEMN THE ACT OF KILLING HOMOSEXUALS and stop being a COWARD

  5. Of course Kevin Rudd would not say anything about these laws.

    They are condemning us to death for our existence. He is to busy giving money and support to the Australian Christian Lobby that advocates this sort of hate and violence against us.

    Kevin Rudd has not even included us in the Federal Equal Opportunity Act, given us access to private super, and at every opportunity stops the ALP talking about gay marriage. Almost all of the changes he has made to “protect us” were going to happen anyway under the Liberals.

    The Greens are the only Party that does not discriminate, or support our death in other countries.

    Presently Kevin Rudd is trying to exclude us from a Bill of rights as the Australian Christian Lobby has demanded this. Visit

    Shame on Labor for supporting our death in other countries and not saying one word against it. I guess all this is to much to ask of Labor, even Penny Wong shuts up when it comes to our rights.Since election Labor has been one let down after another.

    Vote Green or anyone that does not discriminate such as the Labor and Liberal Party do.