Three Questions finding support

Three Questions finding support

Rainbow Labor’s marriage equality website has racked up nearly 2000 supporters in its first week after starting with just 93.

Rainbow Labor Network national co-convenor Neil Pharaoh said he was pleased with the 1872 who had joined the campaign but encouraged more ALP supporters, union members and party members to sign up and get involved.

“We want to carry the message all the way through to the national conference that a lot of the Labor Party supports marriage equality and we’ll be out there fighting for it through to the national conference in December,” Pharaoh said.

Pharaoh was also pleased with the level of heterosexual support the campaign had attracted.

“Marriage is a really important institution so we think it’s invaluable that people with wide and different perspectives have jumped on board the campaign,” he said.

“We never wanted this to be just about gay couples sharing their stories. We also wanted the wider community sharing their stories about why they think equal marriage is so important.

“At the national conference, we’re hoping there will be enough support to get a motion on the floor and make amendments so that Labor is active in this space going forward.”

Pharaoh said the NSW ALP State Conference’s recent failure to endorse an explicit motion supporting marriage equality had been “a bit of a setback”.

“It reinforces the fact that we need to get all of the supporters, delegates and influencers and people who are championing marriage equality to get on board because if we don’t stay united and if we don’t support each other, there will be other setbacks,” Pharaoh said.

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One response to “Three Questions finding support”

  1. It doesn’t matter how many people support this website, all the names in the world will not create a Bill for them to vote on. The pressure building up within the ALP on this issue is not affecting the head and shoulders, and it will not until the head and shoulders has something to lose, like an election.