Toy Symphony To Open At The New Qtopia Sydney

Toy Symphony To Open At The New Qtopia Sydney
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Toy Symphony has been announced as the first production to open at the Loading Dock Theatre at the historic new Qtopia venue in Sydney.

This unique and captivating Australian story will launch in the space this April and is presented by Ad Astra Theatre.

Qtopia launches three theatre spaces in 2024

Last year it was announced that the historic Qtopia Sydney would launch in 2024.

Launched on the site of the old Darlinghurst Police Station and comprising four locations it is a fascinating and unique centre with a deep and rich history.

Qtopia Sydney is now a welcoming and inclusive space devoted to the memory, education and celebration of the unique histories and lived experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community.

And it has the largest footprint of any Queer Centre of History and Culture in the world.

As part of this fantastic new arts and culture hub is the creation of three theatre spaces that will form part of the Live at Qtopia Sydney program.

These include The Bandstand, The Substation and the Qtopia Sydney flagship theatre, The Loading Dock.

It is here in The Loading Dock that the Ad Astra Theatre company will bring the first production to life, Toy Symphony by Australian writer Michael Gow.

Toy Symphony to launch at The Loading Dock Theatre

Gregory Wilken is the Executive Producer of Ad Astra Theatre Company and he is incredibly excited to bring the production to this historic space.

“It is truly an honour to be the very first production in this historic and poignant venue that has been granted a new life to honour and celebrate everything about Australia’s LGBTQIA+ community” he gushed.

“Walking in the door to Qtopia’s Cultural and Heritage centre was emotional and sad, but also joyous and uplifting and it is thrilling to think we will soon perform one of Australia’s greatest playwright’s epic stage adventures.”

Gregory joins the cast of seven on stage for the production in the leading role as troubled gay writer Roland Henning.

It’s not the first time Gregory has played the role, having starred in Ad Astra’s 2022 production in Brisbane he delivered a stirring performance, one that will resonate even more in this historic space.

Michelle Carey also returns to the production as director to bring this story alive on stage.

‘The production is a clever combination of real time storytelling with moments of flashback and elements of magical realism” she explains.

“Along the way, we meet characters from the present day, those from his childhood and every now and then, a figure from history who appears and disappears on the whim of Roland’s imagination.”

“It is uncomfortable, disconcerting and hilarious, as the young Roland’s ‘magical’ ability to summon up historical characters, battles with the many adults in his childhood who are desperately trying to suppress his imagination” she describes.

Toy Symphony will run from April 18 at The Loading Dock, Qtopia at 301 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst.

For more information and to purchase tickets head to the Ad Astra website.

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