US Congressman George Santos Faces Expulsion, Compares Himself To Mary Magdalene

US Congressman George Santos Faces Expulsion, Compares Himself To Mary Magdalene
Image: NY Congressman, George Santos. Images: Instagram

Republican US Congressman George Santos has compared himself to the Biblical figure of Mary Magdalene, as he faces multiple Federal charges against him. 

The political figure has found himself in a recent sleuth of controversies and is currently being threatened with expulsion, following a scathing ethics report alleging Santos of fraud. 

On Sunday, November 26, Congress threatened Santos with expulsion, removing him as the representative of New York’s 3rd congressional district. Following the hearing, he says that his return to Congress does “not look good.” 

Republican Parties ‘It Girl’?

Ahead of the hearing, in a desperate attempt to salvage his character, Santos has labelled himself the “It Girl” of the Republican Party and is being persecuted in a similar vein as the biblical figure.

Speaking to The Monica Matthews Show on Friday, November 24, Santos recalled his experience with the recent congress allegations. 

Santos said that in his “circles” they would joke about his downfall, saying “‘Oh my god, you were the It Girl, everybody wanted you,’ until nobody wanted me.”

He continued to turn against the US Congress and the Republican party, saying “Within the ranks… there’s felons galore.”

“There’s people with all sorts of shiesty backgrounds, and all of a sudden George Santos is the Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress,” he continued.

Despite speaking on his ‘biblical’ status, Santos refused to discuss last week’s ethics report. He wrote it off as “slanderous” and was done to “force” him out of his seat. 

Botox, OnlyFans, And Getaways 

Sunday’s threatening expulsion followed a report from the Congressional House Ethics Committee, accusing Santos of multiple cases of White Collar Crime. 

Fraud, the misuse of campaign finances and the misuse of donor funds have been accused, along with his trail of lies across his political career, with the committee saying he “embellished” his CV. 

Santos allegedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on holiday resorts, botox, designer goods and OnlyFans. This spending despite being “frequently in debt,” as labelled by the report, and moving large amounts of money between accounts, including $240,000 (USD) of unknown spending. 

The report does say he spent $2281 at a resort in Atlantic City, over $10,000 on designer goods including Hermes and Ferragamo, and $1400 at a “skin spa” for botox. Santos was also given $50,000 in Campaign Funds, which was used on multiple Sephora purchases and OnlyFans subscriptions. 

Despite labelling the report as a smear campaign against him, the third Congressional hearing left his political career in shambles. 


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Controversies Continue

Santos has been a notorious name within the collection of controversial US politicians, which is saying something. 

This has amounted to being caught in various lies, including his past career as a drag performer in Brazil, and potentially having a “secret-wife.” 

The out-gay politician has also continued to support Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” He also continued to back former President Donald Trump, alleging the 2020 election was “stolen” from him. 

This recent ethics report may be the final show in his political career, as Congress continues to conduct hearings surrounding his expulsion. 

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