TEA: Valentina Not Returning To Host ‘Drag Race México’ Season 2

TEA: Valentina Not Returning To Host ‘Drag Race México’ Season 2
Image: Source: RuPaul's Drag Race on YouTube

Drag Race México is getting ready to return to TV screens in 2024, but previous co-host and Drag Race season 9 veteran Valentina is not returning. 

In a new video from distributors World of Wonder, the two hosts for the new season were confirmed as the returning Lolita Banana and Queen of the Universe season 2 winner Taiga Braga. 

After the announcement, comments came from the show’s producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato who, thanked Valentina for sharing her talents “in the remarkable record-setting inaugural season of Drag Race México – your impact will be everlasting on our show and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Valentina also spoke on her exit, saying: “It was a great honour to serve as a host for the inaugural season of Drag Race México. Thank you to my World of Wonder family for making this dream come true of bringing Drag Race to México. 

“Also, thank you to my dear fans for all your support. I wish all the best to the new host, I will be tuning! Love, Valentina.” 

Why is Valentina not returning to Drag Race México?

The exact reasons why Valentina isn’t coming back to co-host DRMX season 2, there has been unconfirmed speculation that Valentina was asking for a bigger salary per episode, which the producers refused.

Another point that Drag Race enthusiasts cited was the fact that she didn’t come up in the Mexican drag scene, which many saw as causing a disconnect between her and the competitors. 

Despite the fact that Valentina is a fan favourite queen, many thought she wasn’t quite the right fit to host Drag Race México

“To be honest, I don’t think she had the language skills or (modern) cultural references,” said one Reddit user. “You could see her translate everything in her head, and she didn’t really have a lot of chemistry with Lolita and the other contestants.” 

Plenty disagreed with that sentiment though, with some calling her the best part of Drag Race México season 1.

Drag Race México is expected to start airing later in 2024.

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