Veteran Matilda And Wife Expecting Third Child, Upsetting Bigots

Veteran Matilda And Wife Expecting Third Child, Upsetting Bigots
Image: Source: @larissarosecrummer on Instagram

Matildas veteran Larissa Crummer and wife Jodi have shared the news that they are expecting their third child in November – news that excited normal people and infuriated bigots. 

Crummer shared the news on Instagram, posting a photo with Jodi and their two kids holding an ultrasound photo.


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The news comes following Crummer’s surprise retirement from football in March of this year. After playing a final season for SK Brann in Norway, Crummer said that she would be focusing on her family back home in Australia after a storied career. 

Fans and friends congratulated the couple on the highly exciting announcement, who were all smiles in the photos that Crummer shared to her Instagram.

However, when the announcement was shared in a post by 7 News on Facebook, bigots appeared in spades to lament the fact that families with two mums exist, apparently. 

“I feel sorry for the kids. No Father Figure for them to look up to,” says one user, though a reply says: “Do you feel sorry for the kids that have a single mother and the father wants nothing to do with them? At least these kids have two loving parents.” 

Undeterred by such a fickle thing as reason, the original poster responded: “At least the one I know is single and Straight.” 

“This is not normal and just plain evil,” says one particularly cruel comment. Another in a similar vein says “Wow, wonder how they beat God’s design, They didn’t they have gone against IT” – probably worth teaching that user how to use punctuation properly. 

A highly concerning amount of comments also seem to be asking how the couple can have kids; a hilarious self-announcement about their own lack of education. 

Regardless, congratulations to Jodi and Larissa Crummer on the new addition to their lovely family!

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One response to “Veteran Matilda And Wife Expecting Third Child, Upsetting Bigots”

  1. I am a Lesbian. I have two Lesbian nieces who have children. They are now all amazing adults. Their children are the sweetest, kindest and loving children. I also have straight nieces and nephews who are extraordinary and have beautiful children. And, at 74, my nieces and nephews, have grandchildren. I came out in 1973. My mother disowned me. I was not permitted to see my nieces and nephews for 10 years. My mother’s statement was that I would make my nieces and nephews Gay. When two of my nieces came out, my mother agreed to a reconciliation. In life, in families, unfortunately, many terrible comments, treatments and actions occur. The important fact is to surround yourself and your children with positive, supportive, loving and accepting human beings. May your children continue to thrive. They will, or may, come out as children of Lesbian parents. Hopefully, their friends will be similar to my families friends, supportive, loving and kind to them. Sending you all love and support.

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