Reading that some STIs are on the rise has sent an extremely unwelcome shiver down my spine.

With all the effort being made by various health organisations around this country you’d think by now everyone understood that using condoms is the best method sexually active people have to limit the spread of STIs.

Sure, condoms can be uncomfortable, I’ll give you that, and I have heard and empathise with those who say they are messy, inconvenient, reduce pleasure … the list goes on. And I am sure there are people out there who just trot out those excuses as a reason to not use them.

But let me ask you this — would you prefer to wear a condom or feel like you are pissing razor blades every time you go to the bathroom?

Doesn’t sound so good, does it? But shit like that can happen when you don’t wear a condom while having penetrative sex.

I wouldn’t mind seeing statistics that show in what age demographic STIs are on the rise, particularly data around people my age. Sure, naivety can play a big part in unsafe sex — the belief that this guy you just met on Grindr is totally a good guy and wouldn’t have chlamydia because he is so sweet and gentle.

But then the next thing you know your dick smells like rotten cheese and you feel like you are pissing a sword sideways, or you’ve got blisters and sores all over your cock, or you test positive for HIV and your whole life changes.

I’ve been pressured quite a lot in the past by guys who don’t want to wear a condom. My attitude is it is just not worth it. Guys, you are pretty much playing Russian roulette with a penis.

If you do happen to find yourself having had sex without a condom, get to your local clinic quickly, talk to someone and get checked — I cannot stress this enough.

Heck, if you’re having lots of sex with multiple partners you should be getting regular tests anyway.

Seriously, the number of guys who ask me why I’m going to the clinic for a check-up is ridiculous. It shouldn’t even be a question.

Not only are you taking responsibility for your own sexual health, but you’re also keeping an eye out for your partners. That’s just good manners, isn’t it?

To be blunt — if you don’t use condoms, you are an idiot. Case closed.


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