Great news: former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is here to explain what it’s like to be gay to you.

In an opinion piece for The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday afternoon, Abbott laid out his case for why “same sex marriage would fundamentally change society”.

“I want a country where everyone gets a fair go and where no one is discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, religion, political opinion or sexuality,” Abbott writes, before advocating for exactly that.

“It’s a long time, thank God, since gay people have been discriminated against,” said the Member for Warringah.

“Just about everyone old enough to remember that time is invariably embarrassed at the intolerance that was once common.”

It’s become par for the course for heterosexual No supporters to straightsplain discrimination to us, and Abbott is one of the loudest and least self-aware.

He blithely insists that “marriage is the basis of family; and family is the foundation of community” while simultaneously calling for LGBTI people to be excluded from all of those things.

There’s nothing more affronting to someone like Tony Abbott than images of tens of thousands of people marching through Australia’s most populous city chanting for and equality he would do almost anything to deny.

Of course, because I’m one of the “the supporters of change”, it is I, says Tony, who has “been responsible for bullying and hate speech.”

That means you have been too. We’ve been bullying the people who insist our families and existences are lesser and not worthy of recognition in the same way a straight person’s is.

Remember: when minorities are vocal about their rights, it’s bullying. When the majority refuses them those rights, it’s just how things ought to be.

“A man is not a woman just because he wants to be, and a same-sex relationship should not be able to become a marriage just because activists demand it,” Abbott’s piece declares.

Sorry trans people; you’ll have to pack it in and go back to Tony Abbott’s idea of ‘normal’ now. Just because you want to live as your authentic self, doesn’t mean you should be allowed to.

These talking points are taken almost verbatim from the rhetoric of the Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton.

“How can parents keep gender fluidity programmes out of schools here in Australia when gender fluidity has entered the Marriage Act?” he asks towards the end of the piece.

Two weeks ago, Lyle Shelton said on 3AW, “I’m saying that if marriage is redefined in law we’ll see what’s happened overseas and that is parents losing their right to choose whether their children are exposed to radical LGBTQI sex education programs.”

Today, Shelton spoke from a televised platform at the National Press Club, bullied and silenced once more, saying he doesn’t think homophobia “exists much in our country.”

I wonder where he read that?

If you ever doubted the influence of the ACL on our politicians, this should make things clearer than ever.

But it’s okay, because “gay people” are no longer discriminated against.

We are treated exactly like everyone else.

Tony, who has never experienced anything even remotely like the hate and discrimination that LGBTI people have, is nevertheless an expert on the matter.

Maybe the LGBTI people who have had to watch their partner die without having the right to marry them should just listen to Tony.

Listen to the man who doesn’t even think his sister is fit enough to parent her children with her same-sex partner simply because they are both women.

“Australians have never liked being pushed around or hoodwinked,” concludes Tony, explaining exactly why he’s no longer Prime Minister and why support for marriage equality is higher than ever.

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