Kylie Minogue tribute show to celebrate 30 years of pop stardom

Kylie Minogue tribute show to celebrate 30 years of pop stardom

IN celebration of Kylie Minogue’s 30th anniversary as a recording artist, the world’s number one Kylie tribute show is staging a two-hour concert spectacular in her honour.

Lucy Holmes has been been touring the world as Australia’s queen of pop in 100% KYLIE for the past 15 years, and can’t see it coming to an end any time soon.

“As long as she keeps going – it’s still selling out, it’s really joyous,” she tells the Star Observer.

“We still pinch ourselves, we’ve never gotten sick of the show. It’s like a family now.”

Even Kylie is a fan of the show. While filming a documentary a few years ago, she sent her film crew to record the 100% KYLIE show.

“Ever since then we’ve had a great relationship with her and her management. She called it the best Kylie show, and has tweeted out support,” Lucy says.

“She’s been incredible and supportive.”

Lucy and Kylie even went head to head in a quiz about her life on a Nova radio show. In the end it was close but Lucy threw it as she didn’t want it to seem like she knew more about Kylie’s life than the star did.

“Having to study Kylie for 15 years, I’ve absorbed a lot more by osmosis than I wanted to know,” Lucy admits.

But would Lucy jump at the opportunity to perform with Kylie one day?

“I think I’d be terrified standing next to her. I’m a bit taller so I feel like I’d tower over her,” she says, with a laugh.

“I am mates with Dannii though and we’ve performed on stage and done a duet. That was really surreal.”

Although Lucy loves all of Kylie’s current stuff, her absolute favourite would have to be the Aphrodite tour and era. She even performs the Better The Devil You Know arrangement from that tour.

“We call ourselves 100% KYLIE but we do take all the best moments,” Lucy says.

“The tour arrangements are different to her CD arrangements, we replicate costumes exactly but the choreography is inspired.

“One of the choreographers worked with Kylie, danced with her for years, and was in her music videos with her.”

When she’s not taking the stage as the singing budgie, Lucy is conquering the airwaves with her show Lucy and Kel on 89.9 light FM.

“Between brekky radio and Kylie, I don’t have a minute spare.”

100% KYLIE has performed more than 800 concerts in 16 countries over the past 15 years.

The 100% KYLIE greatest hits tour is playing at the State Theatre in Sydney on July 1. To book tickets, visit

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