Aurora Mirror Ball 2024: A Shining Success

Aurora Mirror Ball 2024: A Shining Success
Image: Aurora Mirror Ball 2024. Image: Supplied

In 1999, a group of friends joined forces with a shared vision of raising funds for the most disadvantaged in the LGBTQI+ community.

They hosted their first dinner to commemorate Stonewall and raise much-needed funds for the community, and a quarter of a century later, that dinner has now evolved into the iconic annual Aurora Ball.

This year, guests of the Aurora Ball’s significant milestone event were encouraged to take a look back at 25 years of change-making and progress, and with the theme of ‘Mirror Ball’, reflect on our community’s past, present, and future. 

Aurora Mirror Ball: change-making and commemoration

To call The Aurora Mirror Ball 2024 an amazing night is still underselling it. With hundreds of attendees and more than $220,000 raised for  LGBTIQ+ organisations and community initiatives, The Ball was a truly magnificent night of change-making and commemoration.

“The Aurora Mirror Ball 2024 at Sydney Town Hall was a shimmering celebration of diversity and unity,” said Sam Turner (she/they), Chair of the Aurora Group

“Seeing our community come together to support  LGBTIQ+ organisations is truly inspiring. The event not only raised essential funds but also reflected on the vibrant spirit and resilience of our  LGBTIQ+ community and our allies.” 

With the ever-affable hosts Kate Box and Pat Abboud at the helm, the night saw a number of stellar performances from opera singers Angela Hogan and Katheryn Williams, Brolga Dance Company and Montaigne, as well as DJ Kate Monroe, Romany Brooks and a Welcome to Country ceremony by Rowena Jarret.  

Moving moments shared

In addition to the extraordinary performances, there was plenty of time to reflect and show solidarity. Moving moments were a’plenty – one in particular when Mohammad Awad (3AWADI) (he/they) shared his story of Aurora providing a grant for the Muslim Peers Project last year, when no one else would. Afterwards, they read a poem written when they were 16 about growing up queer in a Muslim family, which prompted attendees to give a standing ovation. 

Jones Jones (they/them), Aurora Group’s Program Manager, said the following: “The Aurora Mirror Ball was a night of joy and solidarity. It’s incredible to see the impact of our collective efforts, where every dance and donation helps drive positive change for our community.”

“The energy and support from everyone presented reaffirmed our commitment to fostering inclusivity and support for those who need it most,” they concluded. 

A quick glance at any photos from The Aurora Mirror Ball tell the story of an evening filled with glitz, glam and glee as attendees dined and danced all throughout the night. 

House of Silky took over the best dressed competition, with Father of the House Xander (he/him) determining the winner. A huge congratulations to the Evil Queen for taking the crown!

You can help Aurora reach their goal

Aurora would like to thank everyone who attended and celebrated at The Mirror Ball, as well as everyone who helped with the raffle, auction and raising money for the pledge. 

Aurora raised an incredible amount for  LGBTIQ+ organisations and initiatives, and it’s not too late to contribute: the live pledge remains open, and you can help Aurora reach their goal of $250K raised.

Visit to donate.

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