DIVA 30th Anniversary   

DIVA 30th Anniversary   
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The Drag Industry Variety Awards, DIVA, is preparing to celebrate its 30th Anniversary: high on glamour, plenty of back-slapping – a celebration of the Sydney drag community.

It’s amazing to think back in 1991 when the first DIVAs were held at DCM nightclub that we would still be celebrating the best of our drag industry.

Enormous credit belongs to David Wilkins, Penny Clifford, and Ian Jopson, who wanted to organise an event to celebrate Sydney’s amazing drag queens, their work, and the many talents of the people who made up the local gay entertainment industry. They kicked off a community organisation that has existed because of the effort of many volunteers over the years, with support from numerous community venues, media, and small businesses.

Diva producer Sheila Bliege said “I’ve had the privilege of delivering Diva for the Sydney drag community since 2009. We are looking forward to our 30th anniversary, with lots of surprises and a few old faces.”

Name your favourite drag star of the last 30 years and they are more than likely to have a trophy, or for some queens a heap, sitting on the sideboard, in the kitchen cupboard or as a toilet roll holder – but wherever and how many, they hold cherished memories of their drag career and a reminder of the fabulous times past.

Where would Sydney be without its past and present queens bringing joy and colour to our queer lives? So, on this milestone anniversary, I say let’s have a round of applause for every one of them!

The DIVA Anniversary, hosted by Carmen Geddit, will be held at the Paddo RSL showroom on Monday August 21, 2023.   

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