Keep Your Home Cool This Summer With Blinds

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer With Blinds

Summer’s warmth is wonderful, but those soaring temperatures can make your home uncomfortably hot. One of the secrets of keeping cool this summer is having the right set of blinds installed in your home. Let’s look at how the right blinds can keep your space cool and comfortable this summer while complementing your home decor.

Why Blinds Are a Summer Essential

Blinds are a simple but effective way to beat the heat. They control the amount of sunlight streaming into your home. By adjusting them, you can reduce heat build-up inside your house and keep your rooms cooler naturally, which is a lifesaver during those hot summer days.

Selecting the Right Blinds

When it comes to selecting blinds, it’s not one-size-fits-all. It’s about finding the perfect fit for your specific needs, the style of your room, and how much light and heat you want to control.

Different blinds offer different levels of sun and heat control, and picking the right one can make a huge difference in how comfortable your home is when the temperatures rise.

Roller Blinds for Sun and Heat Control

Keep the heat out with light-filtering, blockout, or sunscreen roller blinds. You can easily roll them down to block the sun and heat and roll them up to let in light and breeze. They’re a practical solution for managing summer temperatures.

Venetian Blinds for Adjusting Summer Light

Venetian blinds allow you to control how much sun comes into a room. You can tilt the slats to manage the light and heat, which is ideal for keeping your home cool during the day. They also offer a good balance between privacy and sun control, perfect for any area in your home

Roman Blinds for a Cool and Elegant Look

Blend style and function in your living area or bedroom with Roman blinds. They add elegance to your rooms while helping to keep them cool. The linen-look and light-filtering fabrics of these blinds also help block out heat to make your space more comfortable in summer.

Vertical and Panel Glide Blinds for Large Windows

For big windows or sliding doors, vertical and panel glide blinds are ideal. They cover large areas easily and can be adjusted to control the sun’s heat. Their design is both practical and modern, perfect for adding a cool touch to your space in the summer.

Plantation Shutters for Summer Insulation

Plantation shutters in fauxwood finish are not just stylish; they’re also effective insulators. They can keep your rooms cooler by blocking out the heat. Their solid construction helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside, making them a great option for any season.

Veri Shades® for Versatile Sun Control

When you prefer the softness of curtains but need the functionality of blinds, Veri Shades® could be the perfect option for you. They let you control the amount of light and heat entering the room. They can also transform the feel of your space, making it cooler and more comfortable in summer.

Smart Blinds for Modern Homes

Imagine controlling your blinds with just a touch of a button while sitting on the couch or setting them on a timer and even adjusting them from your smartphone—all these are possible with motorised blinds.

With motorised blinds, beating the summer heat becomes effortless. On hot days, you can lower the blinds and block the intense sun rays that heat up your space with a simple button press. You can also program them to close during the hottest parts of the day and open when it’s cooler to maintain a consistent, comfortable environment without constant manual adjustments.

Beat the Summer Heat With Carpet Court

Summer in Australia can turn homes into hotboxes, but with the right blinds, you can keep your spaces cool and stylish. To enjoy a cooler home this summer, book a free measure and quote from Carpet Court. Their expert team will help you pick the perfect blinds for your space. With professional advice and installation, you’ll be all set for a cool and comfortable summer.

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