Rainbow Gym: You’re Welcome Here

Rainbow Gym: You’re Welcome Here

Your Community Health has helped launch a new initiative – Rainbow Gym. For trans, gender diverse and non-binary people, a gym can be an uncomfortable, potentially hostile domain that discourages them from attending. Rainbow Gym provides a friendly, non-competitive environment in the northern suburbs of Melbourne ,where trans and gender diverse people can access fitness and strength building so important for wellbeing and confidence. 

The benefits of Rainbow Gym include: 

  • • Training and advice delivered by an accredited Trans and Gender Diverse health and fitness expert across a range of specialties;
  • • Safe, inclusive, and welcoming fitness facilities in northern Melbourne supporting LGBTIQA+ health and wellbeing, in an environment where everyone can enjoy working out regardless of their body shape, size, gender, age, sexuality, race, ability or identity;
  • • Lessons in good training techniques to avoid injury and improve fitness;
  • • Developing your flexibility and mobility for overall wellbeing;
  • • Understanding how to safely use nutritional supplements;
  • • Getting advice and information tailored to your needs and goals;
  • • Establishing lifelong wellbeing habits and goals.

“The Trans and Gender Diverse community faces many barriers to better health and wellbeing, so offering a safe and inclusive space where people can begin their gym or health program is so important,” says Program Leader and Trainer, Laura Dess. “Studies show that being physically active improves both your physical and mental health, and Rainbow Gym is all about boosting confidence, self-esteem and fitness knowledge. It is a supportive program where participants can understand how to safely use equipment, learn about nutrition, gain lifelong wellbeing skills and have fun. It is so rewarding to see how the first sessions helped people and I am excited to welcome new and returning participants to our next ones.”

Last year, YourCH was given a Rainbow Tick accreditation, in recognition of their commitment and contribution to the LGBTQI+ community. Rainbow Gym is a valuable new addition to the broad range of services provided by YourCH through the Trans and Gender Diverse in Community Health Program. 

They believe everyone is entitled to good quality health care, support, respect and a sense of belonging. For more information visit: www.yourch.org.au/rainbowgym







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