William Has Been On 20 Atlantis Cruises Around The World. Here’s Why He Keeps Coming Back

William Has Been On 20 Atlantis Cruises Around The World. Here’s Why He Keeps Coming Back

If someone returns to something more than twice, it’s got to be good. If they return more than ten times, well, it’d have to be outstanding, right? But to return twenty times? You’d be looking at something truly extraordinary. 

William Paull, 41, from Brisbane has been on twenty Atlantis cruises. He isn’t alone – once you attend one, you become part of a friendly, enveloping and deliciously gay community.

They even collect different coloured dog tags from the military-themed parties on board to collate how many Atlantis cruises they’ve attended. Ask to see someone’s box on board – like William, you’re likely to see ten, twenty or more dog tags, each with its own glorious story and memories. 

The all-gay cruises are particularly special because they’re liberating, diverse and jam-packed. Seasoned cruise staff remark on how extra fun Atlantis cruises are to work on: corridors get decorated! Cabin doors have whiteboards for inter-cruise messaging! People have business cards made up with their photos and contact details! It’s like entering a different world. A gayer one. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s William in his own words on why he keeps coming back. 

“I love the Atlantis cruises so much, I sometimes go on two a year. I go with my partner and I even take my 64-year-old mum! I have her in bed by midnight so she doesn’t see anything she’s not supposed to! She’s one of the very few women on board, but everyone makes her feel so welcome and adored. She makes more friends than I do!

Mum loves the daily drag shows and daily dance parties. Me? I love the crowd leaving all their shit/baggage at home.  You get happy friendly non-judgemental happy-to-smile gays which just makes everything about the trip so much fun unlike at a club where you smile at someone and potentially get a dirty look or cold shoulder. 

I’ve found nothing better than being on the pool deck from 1 am – 2 am, looking up at the moon and stars and feeling the warm breeze flow over my hot body while dancing to music. Especially when you look up and see an out-of-this-world laser show illuminate the sky and reflect back from the ocean. I bloody love that.

Why do I keep coming back?

The Atlantis schedule, whilst it’s the same, is always different. You know what you’re paying for.

The clientele makes each cruise seem like an entire new adventure of fun. The constant reunions with other friends who do a specific cruise each year. Seeing those same people just adds to the excitement with the catch-ups and camaraderie.

I’d recommend people book this new Australian cruise for the most free week where you can be whoever and whatever you want to be without judgement. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and create so many friends in the process. You’ll find so many professionals who just want to take a week out of their normal life. If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave it hooked and wanting more.

Mum has been on 14 Atlantis cruises now. She’s made her own gay friends who fly across the world to stay with her in Brisbane. She loves how everyone is so friendly, and everyone is there for a good time. Plus she loves to see me on the dance floor at a disco tea dance being as gay and carefree as I like in an environment I feel completely comfortable and free in.

The best thing is, the cruise can be whatever you want: as gay, as wild or as straight, tame as you want. You get to decide what you want the cruise to be! People all have an idea of what they think the cruise will be, and at the end you’ll be surprised by what it has been or could have been. You’ll deal with that on the second trip…

Well, there you have it. Straight from the lion’s mouth!

Atlantis cruise ships have so many uniquely exciting activities and shows on board, some choose to stay on the ship even as it passes through amazing ports because they’re having so much fun – and this Australian cruise will be no different. All-you-can-eat buffets. A huge gym. Top-notch shows. Stand-up comedy. Fun organised activities to encourage mingling.

The port stops of Burnie and Newcastle has some of Australia’s most underrated beaches, ocean pools and landscapes.

On board, you’ll be able to dance the night (and day) away at the legendary-themed dress-up parties.

Some don’t attend a single party and still have a packed itinerary every day – that’s how diverse the activities are on board.

Some solo travellers attend on their own and leave with an army of lifelong new gay friends. Others attend with their partner. Some find romance on board!

Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a gay old time – and be part of cruising history on Atlantis’s first-ever Australian cruise!


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