Queer Erotic Thriller ‘Birder’ Premiering At Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Queer Erotic Thriller ‘Birder’ Premiering At Melbourne Queer Film Festival
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The new Queer erotic thriller Birder is premiering in Australia this weekend. 

Directed by Queer filmmaker Nate Dushku and written by Amnon Lourie, Birder is set to premiere at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival on Saturday, November 11.

‘He Becomes Whatever He Needs To Be’

According to the official synopsis, “Birdwatcher Kristian Brooks invades a nude queer campground on a remote lake in New Hampshire. He becomes whatever he needs to be to ensnare the locals in his dark fetish in this nightmarish erotic thriller. Consent has never been more deadly.”

In the trailer, which was released in September, Kristian creepily mis-states the New Hampshire state motto as, “Live free and die” before being corrected by another camper, “That’s live free or die.”

Birder stars Michael Emery (Blue Bloods, Shameless) as Kristian Brookes. It also stars Uki Pavlovic (The Highlands Inn), Cody Sloan (Selah and the Spades), David J. Cork (Gun Hill, Run the World), and Jes Davis (Orange is the New Black). 

‘Not The Bears In The Woods You Need To worry About’

In an interview with Screen Rant, Dushku explained, “Queer horror is often lived, and in Birder we dip our toes into the darkest truths. The film is a sardonic and disturbing look at what a monster sees when they look in the mirror; an exploration of the consent dynamics of dom/sub space and a metaphor for the traumas the queer community endures at the hands of social entities lacking empathy. Birder brings us to the edge of the abyss as our protagonist’s odyssey takes him through a joyful sex-positive community.”

Birder debuted at Outsouth Queer Film Festival in North Carolina, in August. It has since played at DC’s Reel Affirmations, the Seattle Queer Film Festival, and Atlanta’s Out On Film.

According to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival synopsis, “In this erotic thriller serial killing satire on consensual politics, it’s not the bears in the woods you need to worry about.”

Melbourne Queer Film Festival runs from November 9 – 19.

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