Smatch Game and Thank God You’re Queer at MICF

Smatch Game and Thank God You’re Queer at MICF

Mosey on down to the Motley Bauhaus for two nights of hilarious queer comedy! Saturday night is all about Smatch, a daring take on the Snatch Game format where, for a change, everyone is actually funny. Join four of Melbourne’s funniest character comedians for a cheeky, funny and ” not-at-all derivative game show” of celebrity impressions, with your host Andy Balloch and starring Belinda Anderson-Hunt, Patrick Durnan Silva, Roxanne Halley and Vidya Rajan. Follow it up on Sunday for a plunge pool of improv comedy, hosted by Jay Wymmara and Lauren Bok, starring Elf Lyons and Olga Kolch!

When: 6 & 7 April, 2024, 9.45pm
Where: Cabaret Stage, The Motley Bauhaus 118 Elgin Street, Carlton
Tickets: $24.31–$28.36
Accessibility: Upstairs at the Motley Bauhaus is not wheelchair accessible.
**This event is suitable for ages 15+**

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