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There’s something special about Queen Elizabeth II. The woman who has been the matriarch of the British Empire for half a century has shone as something of a feminist icon, acclaimed as the most powerful woman in the world, and certainly one of the wealthiest.

She has also wielded real power, calling the shots as the Head of State of the UK and of the Church of England. Throughout that time, her sense of matching hats and handbags, combined with tough-as-guts survival instincts, have also made her a camp favourite.

The queens-in-waiting beneath her, like Diana, and now Camilla, earned their own loyal following for much the same reasons -“ glamour, grit and the love of a good pearl necklace.

The gay love for royal ladies does not just apply to the British Isles, as Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands is a long-time supporter of gays, even allowing the main stage for the Amsterdam Gay Games to be set up in front of her palace.

And Australia’s Mary of Tasmania is just years away from slipping the Danish crown on her head to become our very first Australian queen.


The poor quickie suffers from such an image problem that even John Howard’s best PR spin doctors would be baffled at how to make it a winner. Even the mention of a quickie raises giggles and smirks, suggesting that as a sexual act, the quickie is something not quite valid.

But the fact is, the quickie serves its purpose in all our lives and is sometimes all you need to get you through the day. A quickie offers an easy case of get in, get off and get going again, without the hassle of endless foreplay, soft music or another expensive round of cocktails.

And while the quickie might be lacking in polite niceties, everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Be it an early morning, five-minutes-to-seven romp with your beloved in the marital bed before racing out to work, or a lunchtime drop-in to a sex-on-premises venue for a bit of suit-pants-down-around-the-knees fast-love, the quickie has its place and it is time it claimed its rightful position as a worthwhile and necessary part of sex.

In fact, in the time you have spent reading this, someone, somewhere in this city has just enjoyed a quickie -“ and maybe even with another person.

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