ABC Presenter Joe O’Brien Sets Gay Twitter Ablaze with Shirtless Pics

ABC Presenter Joe O’Brien Sets Gay Twitter Ablaze with Shirtless Pics

ABC Evening News presenter Joe O’Brien has sparked a wildfire on social media with a recent shirtless photo that reveals his impressively ripped physique.

While viewers are accustomed to seeing him in tailored suits delivering the news, this new image offers a tantalising glimpse of the man underneath the suit, leaving many fans—especially in the gay community—eager for more.

Joe O’Brien appearing in Backroads

The unexpected photo shows O’Brien emerging from a river during a trip for his show Backroads.

“Great to be on the road for Backroads again meeting terrific people in regional Australia,” he captioned the post.

This sizzling snapshot has X (Twitter) users in a frenzy.

Joe O'Brien Twitter
Image: Twitter

One admirer exclaimed, “My mum is gonna love this pic,” while another confessed,

“I most definitely didn’t just zoom in…”

O’Brien, who is 56 years old, has a history of surprising his audience.

He once revealed that he was a backup dancer for Dannii Minogue at the 1999 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Sharing a throwback photo from the event, he reminisced, “Takes me back to 1999 when I got to be a backup dancer in a Dannii show.”

The image featured a young O’Brien shirtless, in gold shorts, proudly showing off his six-pack.

Joe O'Brien Youtube
Image: Youtube

“Full of surprises Joe. 20 years on and you’re still going strong.”

This isn’t the first time O’Brien’s physique has caught the public’s attention. In 2021, a vaccination selfie showcasing his bulging biceps also set social media alight.

“Looking so good Joe!” commented one fan, while another declared, “One word: Goals.”

Joe O'Brien Twitter Vaccination
Image: Twitter

Joe O’Brien’s journey from a morning news anchor to an evening presenter has kept his audience loyal and engaged.

When he announced his move from the morning shift after 13 years, fans expressed their support.

“Loved watching you during COVID and loved your style of news delivery,” one fan wrote.

“Going to miss you in the mornings. Catch you in the evenings.” Another added,

“Looking forward to another 13 years in the new timeslot Joe.”

The ABC presenter is certainly continuing to prove himself a source of visual entertainment for his online audience.

Here’s hoping his latest TV project will continue to deliver more surprises.

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2 responses to “ABC Presenter Joe O’Brien Sets Gay Twitter Ablaze with Shirtless Pics”

  1. Shiver me timbers, I’ve seen him for many years on ABCTV and didn’t realise he was amassing so many year, then thought, crickey, on my next birthday …
    Wish I looked as good as him though!!

  2. Beautiful man. No bullshit, Gay? So what? If all men of his age kept in such great shape hospitals and nursing homes would not be filled with miserable odm men and womena always complaining about their health but not being prepared to address the fat, the weakness the world would be a much better place.