Comedian Mitchell Coombs Wins At Newcastle Fringe

Comedian Mitchell Coombs Wins At Newcastle Fringe
Image: Image: Newcastle Fringe

Comedian and social media personality Mitchell Coombs is certainly a star on the rise.

After winning the Best Comedy award at the Newcastle Fringe he now has one more notch on his belt for his comedy career.

It’s a long way for the boy from Bogan Gate who has earned himself a legion of loyal followers since his humble beginnings.

Mitchell Coombs: The boy from Bogan Gate 

Eight years ago Mitchell Coombs made his internet debut appearing online with his hilarious introduction to his very small home town.

Introducing the world to Bogan Gate (population 200) was probably not something he expected would gain him any attention.

But the internet fell in love with his quick wit and sassy personality quickly amassing the teenager thousands of fans online.

Several years later his career took Mitchell to Sydney where he secured work as a producer for Kyle & Jackie O.

But with his own star on the rise he found himself branching out into more content creation eventually leaving the program.

Fans soon flocked to his own podcasts with his hits Is It Just Me? and Trash Alley taking on a life of their own.

With his star on the rise Mitchell branched out and launched his comedy career, earning him rave reviews and now over half a million fans online.

“Water Off A Ducks Clit”

One of things audience have most fallen in love with Mitchell Coombs for is his ability to tell a hilarious story about his petty gripes in life.

His social channels are filled with his stories about people, places and things that generally give him the shits.

Coupled with his natural ability for comedy Mitchell has managed to turn this into his hit comedy show “Water Off A Ducks Clit.

He describes this show as “choosing your battles, leaving grudges in the past and finding humour in the darkest of places.”

And it’s something audiences have clearly resonated with.

Following his debut, award winning show (which picked up the Comic Lounge Best Newcomer at Melbourne Comedy Fest in 2022), he has toured his newest show around the country, this week winning the Best Comedy award at the Newcastle Fringe, much to his surprise.

“UMMM, I just got some news!!” he posted on social media this week.

“Last weekend in Newcastle, I was told there’d be judges from Newcastle Fringe at one of my shows.”

“They announced the awards last night and I WON BEST COMEDY?!?!? I’m so chuffed, I never win anything!!!” he gushed.

It’s another great win for Mitchell as he career continues to rise.

Keep an eye out for Water Off A Ducks Clit at a city near you soon.


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