Kylie Minogue’s Padam Padam Is Her Biggest Hit In Over A Decade

Kylie Minogue’s Padam Padam Is Her Biggest Hit In Over A Decade
Image: Kylie Minogue/Youtube

Kylie Minogue’s heart-pounding new single, ‘Padam Padam’, is a smash hit, becoming her highest charting Aussie track in over a decade.

The hopelessly addictive dance-pop tune debuted at No. 39 on the Australian ARIA singles chart this week, marking the home-grown superstar’s first top 50 hit in over a decade.

Not since 2012’s ‘Timebomb’, which peaked at No. 12 on the ARIA charts, has Ms Minogue had such a hit.

Highest In A Decade

‘Padam Padam’ also launched to great heights across the pond, earning No. 1 on the UK Official Singles Sales Chart, and landing at No. 26 on the generally ranked Official Singles Chart.

“She’s only gone and Padam (Padam) it, landing the UK’s best-selling single of the week, smashing back into the Official Chart Top 40 with Padam Padam, her highest-charting single in nearly a decade,” wrote song-tracking company Official Charts.

And there’s no stopping there. With over 4.5 million streams on Spotify and a live performance debut on American Idol, the momentum for ‘Padam Padam’ is only increasing.

It has the chance to be one of Ms Minogue’s biggest hits, period.

“A Cultural Reset”

Fans have been vocal about their love of ‘Padam Padam’, taking to social media to share reactions and thoughts about their time with the new track.

“Padam Padam by Kylie Minogue isn’t just a song it’s a cultural reset, it’s the oxygen you breathe, it’s a lifestyle, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. it’s art, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted,” tweets one user.

“No thoughts, just Padam Padam,” tweets another.

As Ms Minogue turns 55 today, fans and outlets also wish her a very happy birthday and offer an outpouring of support online.

“Happy Birthday Kylie Minogue and keep delivering those disco anthems,” tweets t2.

With another banger under her belt, and a brand-new album hot on the way, it’s sure to be a good year for the pop sensation.

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