Mariah Carey Inspired a Children’s Book by a Queer Author and She Adores It

Mariah Carey Inspired a Children’s Book by a Queer Author and She Adores It

Pop sensation Mariah Carey has made a queer author’s day by supporting their latest book about a queer kid who happens to be a huge fan of none other than Mariah Carey herself.

Last year author Ian Eagleton released his book “Glitter Boy”, a tale centred around James, an 11-year-old boy who is the biggest fan of the singer and navigates academic challenges and romantic feelings while harbouring dreams of composing a song for his idol. 

The title pays homage to Carey’s 2001 film, Glitter.

“Glitter Boy” is Ian Eagleton’s first middle-grade novel, and is described as “an unforgettable story of family, friendship and ultimately, irrepressible joy”. 

Glittering Inspiration: A Tribute to Mariah Carey’s Impact

 Eagleton shared a heartfelt message on Thursday via X, formerly known as Twitter, in an open letter to the singer.  

“When I was growing up, being gay was something to be ashamed of and I was bullied terribly for it,” he wrote. “I was eleven and had just started secondary school when I heard Honey on the radio. I remember rushing to the record store and discovering your album Daydream, the first album I ever purchased. It changed my life.”

At the age of 11, Eagleton caught Carey’s 1997 hit “Honey” playing on the radio, and bought her album Daydream.

 “You sang about being lonely and lost, hurt and confused, of feeling like an outsider. You also sang about bravery, strength, self-belief, love and never allowing others to take away your light,” he wrote. 

“It was like you were singing to me, the little kid who was so scared and afraid”, he added. 

He further revealed that his inspiration for writing “Glitter Boy” stemmed from his own journey of growing up, especially after he and his husband welcomed a baby boy through adoption. Eagleton expressed his gratitude and offered to send the “Hero” singer a copy of the book.

 Mariah Carey’s Touching Response

To his surprise the pop star responded and assured him that she already had a copy of the book. 

 “I saw it, and I got the book!! YOU are an inspiration!!! LOVE YOU”, the singer wrote on X, alongside three heart emojis.

Eagleton expressed that having Carey hold a copy of his book was incredibly meaningful to him. 

This full circle moment moved Carey’s fans, affectionately known as Mariah’s Lambs, who were touched by the superstar’s enduring influence on the LGBTQ+ community. 

One fan described this as a “magical moment”, writing on X,  “The entire children’s literature community on here has been rooting for this and you absolutely deserve it! Glitter Boy sparkles even more brightly. So happy for you”

Primary school teacher @PhilTpetKS2 shared his congratulations with Eagleton, posting, “So pleased for you, Ian. Amazing that someone so important to you has seen the book that she so heavily influenced.Not only is it a momentous occasion for you, but hopefully, it allows the book to reach the far wider audience that it deserves”.

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