JoJo Siwa Releases Audacious ‘Karma’ Single And Music Video, Sparks Wildfire Online 

JoJo Siwa Releases Audacious ‘Karma’ Single And Music Video, Sparks Wildfire Online 
Image: Sources: Sony Music Entertainment and YouTube

JoJo Siwa has set the internet ablaze with the music video for her newest single Karma, which features a bold new Kiss-inspired look from the singer-dancer and choreography that openly embraces her queerness

Openly declaring in the song’s first line that Karma is the beginning of her ‘bad girl’, unfiltered era, JoJo says that this is the kind of music that she’s always wanted to make.

She said: “I am so stoked because this has been such a long time coming and so much work getting to this point. For Karma to finally be here and in the world’s hands is incredible.” 

Completely ditching her previous bubblegum pop persona, JoJo declares that the release of the song marks her transition into releasing adult music. In fact, there are now two JoJo Siwa profiles on Spotify; one being marked with the label “(Kids)” to fully separate these different eras. 

The song, a tale of romantic jealousy, is undoubtedly completely different from anything she’s done before. 

The song’s music video shows JoJo being reborn after falling out with one of her dancers, emerging in her new outfit on a deserted island where she dances wildly and humps another woman. 

The response to Karma 

JoJo’s video is obviously intended to provoke, but seems to have struck a nerve on YouTube and beyond. After surpassing 11 million views in three days, the number of dislikes currently sits at 530,000 vs 118,000 likes. 

Meanwhile, the comment section seems to be sceptical of JoJo’s attempted rebrand. One comment reads “This ain’t Karma, this is trauma,” while another says “‘I was a bad girl’ YOU HAVE A KIDS CHOICE AWARD”. 

Though fans of JoJo have found it difficult to accept her rapidly-changing persona, the star is fully aware of the shift she is going through and is perfectly okay with the way that it’s currently being perceived online.

She told PEOPLE Magazine in March: “To make this transition while being true to myself, while being artistic, has been interesting to figure out, but I think we’ve nailed it and I think it definitely makes a massive statement.”

JoJo has promised more music coming “very soon”, with Karma presumably being the lead single for a currently unannounced album.

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