Supernatural Co-Stars Surprise Fans With Engagement News

Supernatural Co-Stars Surprise Fans With Engagement News
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Supernatural stars DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson, known for their roles as Garth and Benny on the long-running drama, have shared the news of their engagement with their fans.

The announcement came from DJ Qualls during a heartfelt episode of his “Locked and Probably Loaded” podcast with co-host Kelly Blackheart on May 15.

DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson Announce Their Engagement. 

Reflecting on their initial meeting, Qualls revealed that their journey began at a fan convention for Supernatural.

“At the convention, we didn’t know each other at all — we maybe said three words together at the Supernatural convention, and then we went to London for four or five days afterward,” Qualls shared.

“And then I was going to Turkey with a friend, and [Olsson] is such a pure, awesome guy, he came up to us — we all went out as a group — and he was like, ‘Can I come on your trip with you?'”

He shared how he was struck by Olsson’s boldness, calling it a “ballsy” move.

“I could never invite myself on somebody’s trip, ’cause I’d be afraid they would begrudgingly tell me yes and then not want me there,” he added.

“But it was just so pure and awesome, and that’s who he is.”

Over the past decade, the pair bonded as they went from friends to eventually become partners.

“Over the last 10 years, our relationship evolved to what it is today, and now we’re getting married” he recalled.

“It’s just so crazy that this person who was just my friend now I think about all the time and he sends the best messages, and he supports me and loves me unconditionally in the right ways.”

“Ty was the first person in my entire life, my entire life that [I] ever had that with. I say just a friend. [He is] the best friend I ever had, and now we’re going to be old men together, which is so crazy.”

Their engagement announcement has been met with plenty of support from their fans.

Ty Olsson expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming positive reactions on social media, posting on X (Twitter).

“Thank you everyone for all the love and support and kindness today :) Sending you all some love and hugs.”

However the news caught plenty of people off guard as many were not aware the two were a couple.

Whilst DJ Qualls only came out as gay recently in 2020, taking to Twitter (X) he announced he was “tired of worrying about what it would do to my career.”

However Ty was previously married to a woman twice, fathering two daughters during his first marriage with his second marriage ending in 2021.

Both actors played significant roles on Supernatural, though they never shared the screen together.

Qualls played Garth, a hunter-turned-werewolf and ally to the Winchester brothers, while Olsson played Benny, a vampire who became Dean Winchester’s loyal friend after their escape from Purgatory.


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