Miss Transsexual crowned

Miss Transsexual crowned

Chelsey Mikimoto, a transgender showgirl from Melbourne, was crowned Miss Transsexual Australia 2010 in the country’s first-ever beauty pageant for transsexuals and transgenders, held at Melbourne’s Bar 362 last week.

Contestants were judged on their creativity, talent, wit, beauty and confidence. Singapore-born Mikimoto, who performs at cabaret shows, nightclubs and entertainment venues around Melbourne, wowed the judges with her poise, talent and quick wit. She was announced winner over runner-up Patricia Licaros, a hospitality sales associate from Southbank.

“I am absolutely delighted to win the inaugural crown,” Mikimoto, of East Melbourne, said. “I am also glad to have had the opportunity to meet and share the experience of being in a pageant with other transexuals from Australia.”

Mikimoto, who cites Australian transsexual actor, model and dancer Estelle Asmodelle as her role model, said she was not trying to be spokesperson for the transgender community, but to be seen as a happy human being.

Other runner-up prizes were awarded to Thai international student Jessie Kraus (second runner-up), Malaysian-born transsexual performer Aneeta Mooi (third runner-up) and engineer Alexandra Melati (fourth runner-up).

Pageant Director Gayzha said the pageant aimed to promote positive images in the media and community about the transgender community.

“It’s about strength, character and showing the world who transsexuals are in Australian society,” Gayzha said. “Transsexuals can step up to the stage to show that beauty exists in all human beings. It’s not about gender.”

Miss Transsexual Australia 2010 was held alongside Miss Gay Australia 2010, which attracted participants from Australia’s diverse gay community. The inaugural winners, all from Victoria, included: Thai-Australian drag performer Kamira Holden (winner), Fillipino student Gabriella Mendoza (first runner-up), Singaporean international student and drag performer Mercedez Benz (second runner-up), Malaysian-born drag performer Shireen Sequin (third runner-up) and drag performer and choreographer Selena La’More (fourth runner-up).

Victorian Secrets Promotions is now accepting applications from interested parties from all over Australia for Miss Transsexual Australia 2011 and Miss Gay Australia 2011. For more information, go to: http://victoriansecrets.wordpress.com or contact Gayzha on 0407 073 350.

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