Hungerford Wines – We’re proud of our labels

Hungerford Wines – We’re proud of our labels

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and, arguably, best known wine regions. Vines were first planted here and a number of vineyards established in the early 1800s. Its warm, humid climate is freshened by afternoon sea breezes, and its terrain is comprised of varied soil types – loose sandy to spongy volcanic – making it an ideal wine-growing area.

Wines made in the Hunter Valley come with a certain guarantee of quality, underwritten by history and an ethos of striving for perfection that is shared by local winemakers. Among the most established and esteemed vineyards in the Hunter Valley are Hungerford Hill, Dalwood Estate and Sweetwater. The three are owned by entrepreneur, Sam Arnaout who purchased each estate separately in 2016 and put winemaker and viticulturist Bryan Currie in charge.

Dalwood Estate

Currie is a multi-award winning, highly respected winemaker who has crushed grapes, bottled, tasted, judged and simply enjoyed being in the wine industry for more than 20 years. In his six years as General Manager, Viticulturist and Senior Winemaker for Hungerford Hill and its sister vineyards, Dalwood Estate and Sweetwater, Currie has continuously championed the Hunter as a premium wine region.

Currie’s genuine passion for his craft includes a generosity in spirit – he wants everyone to be able to enjoy the finest wine that can be made from their preferred grape. To that end, Currie has applied everything he knows plus lots of love and imagination to create supreme product from each of his vineyards. His dream is for all three wineries to be the first choice for wine lovers when it comes to Hunter Valley wines.

Bryan Currie, winemaker.

Hungerford Hill is the flagship and most recognised brand. Originally established in 1967, the Hungerford Hill label has loyalty and popularity among wine lovers across varietals. Hungerford wines use fruit from the three best regions in NSW: Hunter, Hilltops, and Tumbarumba.

Sweetwater dates back to the mid-1800s, although its vines were completed re-planted in 1998. It is Hungerford’s ultra-premium Hunter brand, known for its exceptional and delicious shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and semillon.

Dalwood Estate has the distinction of being the longest running commercial vineyard in Australia. Its timeline begins in 1828 when George Wyndham planted a vine that would grow more fruit than he ever could have imagined (figuratively speaking, of course). Hands, deeds, and label names changed across decades until Sam Arnaout returned the name, Dalwood Estate to its rightful place on the label of some excellent drops of wine.

Dalwood Estate is best known for its chardonnay, shiraz and semillon, as well tempranillo and touriga made from re-grafted vines.

Wines from the cellars of Hungerford Hill, Dalwood Estate, and Sweetwater all wear their labels proudly and would be more than happy to have a place at your table.

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