Fran Lebowitz Defends Trans Rights: ‘Why Do You Care?’

Fran Lebowitz Defends Trans Rights: ‘Why Do You Care?’
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Fran Lebowitz has come out to defend trans rights, criticising the way discourse around trans rights is “driving politics.”

The American author and social commentator, sat down in an interview with The Independent, and questioned why trans issues have become a major focus in political discourse. 

Lebowitz, known for her social commentary on American life, argued that attention should be redirected to more pressing issues such as unfair tax structures and illegal pollution, which have a broader impact on society.

The ‘Metropolitan Life’ author told The Independent, “Actually, I don’t know why it’s such a big thing. Because really it affects such a small number of people.”

“It’s not a dangerous thing. I care if people walk around with guns. But otherwise, do whatever you want. Tell me what to call you, I’ll call you that … if you’re not hurting other people I don’t understand [what it’s all about]. Again, it’s very extreme”, Lebowitz added. 

“This is affecting really no one except the people involved,” the feminist writer continued. 

Fran Lebowitz on Growing Up Gay

In a 2018 interview with InsideHook magazine, Lebowitz reflected on her experience growing up gay during a time when she felt it was not recognised. 

When asked about her upbringing in a small town during the 1950s and 1960s and if she had any gay friends, Lebowitz responded with a striking assertion. 

“There was no such thing—this is what I can’t explain to people…It didn’t exist. You never saw it. Of course, it must’ve existed, but you never heard about it, you never saw it, there were zero images of it—not just in the culture, but in the world”, she stated. 

She recounted realising she harboured romantic feelings for her female friends around the age of 12.

 “Well, I suppose if lesbians exist, someone must be one, but why must it be me?” Lebowitz said. 

Lebowitz expressed frustration with the current prominence of discourse surrounding trans rights in politics. 

She drew parallels between the political involvement of the right in trans rights and the strategic placement of gay marriage on ballots in the States to drive Republican votes.

“They’ve moved on from that on to these trans rights things. Because this is a thing that riles up certain people”, she observed. 

Lebowitz questioned why the trans issue has gained such significant attention, considering its relatively small impact on the population.

“So why do you care? You know, it’d be much better if you pay attention to the unfair tax structure. Pay attention to that. Pay attention to the illegal polluting and all the kinds of stuff that people get away with, that really affects everybody”, she said. 

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