Aussie Bachelorette Star Timm Goes Viral After ‘Stumbling Across’ LA Pride

Aussie Bachelorette Star Timm Goes Viral After ‘Stumbling Across’ LA Pride
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Australian Bachelorette personality Timm Hanly has gone viral across the world, after being interviewed at a WeHo Pride event recently.

Hanly, who appeared on The Bachelorette Australia in 2019 and Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, was interviewed by popular content creator Chris Stanley (@stanchris) – who has been posting vox pop-style interviews with attendees at Pride events in the US.

Hanly, founder of clothing company Front Runner, is straight– but his easygoing and refreshing attitude to attending Pride, and being hit on by gay men, has received global praise on social media.

In the video, Stanley asks Timm what his sexuality is, and the Aussie Bachelorette contestant says he is straight and has a wife and child.

“What are you doing at Pride?” asked Chris.

“We’re [Timm, his wife Briana Hanly and child Harper] just here from Australia.”

“It’s our second day here. Second day in America and we just stumbled across [WeHo Pride] and I’m just here for the vibes,” Timm explained.

“We love it. We absolutely love it,” he continued.

Chris asked, “Do you think the gays can throw a good party?”

“F**king’ oath. One hundred percent. No one does it better really,” Timm says.

Chris then asks, “How does it feel if a gay guy is hitting on you?”

“Oh, I love this,” responds Timm, excitedly grabbing the microphone from Chris.

“Let’s say I’m walking down the street and a gay guy is like looking at me. That’s as good as a girl looking at me. That counts. That’s as good for my ego as a hot chick looking at me,” Timm says as Chris laughs.

“Not that I’m here for that. That’s just how you’ve gotta take it, you know?”

Timm receives worldwide praise for LGBT allyship

The video on Instagram has received thousands of comments since being posted on Stanley’s account, majority of which are extremely supportive of Timm’s progressive attitude and allyship to LGBTQI+ people.

Comments range from asking for Timm and his wife to stay in the US to “teach men around here to be better”, from green flag emojis and gifs, to commenting on Timm’s positive example of non-toxic, secure masculinity.

“This is what actual comfortable and secure masculinity looks like 😌✨ reads the top comment.

“This is the masculinity people want to see more of,” said another.

The video also had a lot of people laughing.

“I need a tee shirt that says ‘stumbled into pride but stayed for the vibes’,” one commenter said.

“LGBTT (the other T is Tim, an ally)”, another joked.

Timm responded to the video himself, saying: “hahahahaaha i didn’t think this interview would make the cut but let’s goooo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈”


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