The Boys Creator Had The Perfect Response to Anti “Woke” Fans

The Boys Creator Had The Perfect Response to Anti “Woke” Fans

Eric Kripke, the creator and showrunner of the hit series The Boys, has addressed recent criticism of the content in his hit show, clapping back at fans.

With the recent premiere of Season 4, the show has faced criticism from some fans who accuse it of being “woke” as one of the lead characters pursues a gay love interest and other stories parallel real life events.

However, Kripke remains unapologetic and firm in his creative vision, telling disgruntled viewers to “go watch something else.”

Don’t expect The Boys to change anytime soon

Following Frenchie’s (Tomer Capone) romantic involvement with a male character the show drew ire from some fans, prompting Kripke to respond directly on social media.

“It certainly is amusing for viewers to call the series ‘woke,’” he tweeted.

“After all, it is a satirical series with my political views having been on full display since the beginning.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kripke delved into the show’s political undertones.

“When Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg] and I took it out to pitch, it was 2016. We just wanted to do a very realistic version of a superhero show, one where superheroes are celebrities behaving badly,” he explained.

The political landscape of that time, especially with the election of Donald Trump, influenced the narrative direction.

“Suddenly, we were telling a story about the intersection of celebrity and authoritarianism and how social media and entertainment are used to sell fascism.”

Kripke acknowledged that the show’s timely commentary often coincides with real-world events, something he attributes to the pervasive and persistent nature of these issues in the real world.

“It’s not a spoiler to say that first episode [of season four], Homelander [played by Antony Starr] is on trial. A big concern is ‘Can you convict someone that powerful of a crime?’ And what does that mean for the various supporters or the people protesting him?”

“Did I know it was going to come out during Trump’s trial? Of course not,” he noted. “But we write what we’re either scared of or pissed off about.”

Despite the criticism, Kripke has no plans to alter the show’s direction. Addressing the backlash in an interview with Variety, he stated, “I clearly have a perspective, and I’m not shy about putting that perspective in the show.”

“Anyone who wants to call the show ‘woke’ or whatever, that’s OK. Go watch something else. But I’m certainly not going to pull any punches or apologise for what we’re doing.”

“Some people who watch it think Homelander is the hero. What do you say to that? The show’s many things. Subtle isn’t one of them. So if that’s the message you’re getting from it, I just throw up my hands,” he said.

The first three episodes of season four have been released with new episodes released weekly.

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